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Visit To Thailand

visit to thailand

Welcome to Thailand

Thailand is a small country but it famous in the world for his beauty and attraction. It is the most beautiful beach and many of beautiful places to visit. which can get a tourist attraction to visit this place more and more. In 2015 there are 6.7 Million people visit Thailand and in 2016 there is 8.3 Million people visit Thailand. The ratio of Thailand visitor every year increase by an increase. There is a lot of shopping mall, spa center, hotels, club and much more place you can visit in your Thailand tour. The famous place to Thailand to the tourist is Thailand beautiful and amazing beaches.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market:

The floating was in Bangkok. This all market was floating in a little boat. All people buy everything in this shop through the boat. There is a lot of fresh food and spices dish is in this floating market. Behind this floating market, there is a Damnoen Tiger Zoo in which a lot of pets but this all pets are like Americans. In this Zoo, all tiger are very friendly. There is one big Python which is the biggest python in Thailand. People take selfie ar picture on this python. There is a lot of spicy house type hotel where you can eat all Thailand favorite dishes.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is in Bangkok, Thailand

Chatuchak Weekend Market:

This market was in the center of Thailand Bangkok. In this market, there is thousand of a variety of everything you want to buy all the thing you want to buy in this market are in very cheap. You can buy shoes in this market only in 3 bugs. This is the cheapest market in Thailand for shopping. in this market there is hundred of fresh food stall which is very cheap. You can everything on desire in very cheap in this market with very good quality, not in bad quality.

Night Massage:

In all of Thailand, there is plenty of nightclub and bar you enjoy a lot in this club and night parties. I advise you in all night before you go to sleep you get a message of two hours with only fifteen bugs.

Wat Pho:

This is one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the city of Bangkok was build in 1788 but nowadays this is still in their original condition and original beauty. Inside the temple, there is a big buddhas gold statue which is sleeping. Just behind the Buddhas, there is a lot of puts where people through money for their wishes are a blessing. In this puts each puts is the different blessing. The ground of this temple was amazing and reach for his history.

Wat Pho,Temple thailand
Wat Pho, Temple Thailand this is the one of the best Temple of Buddhas.

Chang Mai, Thailand:

This is the best place where you can find logo fresh food. This food is many of variety and explanation. There are many of food and meat types which you can not use. Behind this market, there is a link to the cooking school where you can learn about the cooking of Thai food in this school first teacher teach you after that you cook to yourself for Thai dishes.

Elephant Rescue Park:

This is one of the best parks in the world because in this park you visit all park sitting on the top of the elephant. In this park, you should set the top of the elephant and you cross the river and passing by small villages. This is some of the most majestic views you should ever be seen. In this article, there is nothing compared to the beauty and experience in real life. In around Midday, you should mud with you and elephant the love it.

Phi Phi Islands:

This is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. I highly recommended you to visit this beautiful island. In Phi Phi, you see the giant boxing match and the winner gets few bucket.there is also a food challenge. Go for Fishing and see the beautiful view of the city.

Koh Nang Yuan:

This is one and only place in the world where they can three islands connected by one strip of beach. It is great to hike good view Point. There is some condition is the beach that you can never through the plastic bag and garbage to the sea.


This is called cave of beach because there is a cave which you can pass if you want to see the Railay beach. There is a lot of monkey and other animals on this beach.


Is one of the top tourist places in Thailand. This is also bigger islands in Thailand. There is a lot of bar club and beach in this place you can visit this. There are many resorts and hotel ar lounge chair at this beach.



Phuket Thailand

So that’s all about Thailand I hope you like it and this helps a lot to your next journey of the visit to Thailand. This is most beautiful I never explain in the world but when you visit than You realize how is it beautiful.

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