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10 Best Places to Visit in Australia

Australia is located in the Indian oceans and pacific ocean. Australia is the smallest subcontinent and largest island in the world. There are many places that you discover and an amazing walkout out an adventure that you like and enjoy. Where you relax on the beach and sun-kissed. Here you explore the traditional lifestyles of the people to the aboriginal people. In night view of the city look like a hot spot. Australia has very different and something special that they offer to every visitor. Here is an overview of the top 10 best places to visit in Australia.

10. Adelaide

It is the capital of South Australia and also the five largest cities in Australia. Adelaide has more than 1.2 million population. This city is plain with Adelaide rolling hills. There are third Quarters of South Australians live in a metropolitan area of Adelaide. It’s also bordered by the famous region of Australia like the Gulf St Vincent. The history of Adelaide city is known as by its famous architecture and church to the city inner part which throughout the era of colonial.

9. Darwin

The northern territory is the coastline of hugging in Darwin. It is the most major cities in the international country. Darwin is close to other countries but the Indian ocean is only the way that makes this city the hub of transportation for the past few years. After world war II this city is totally destroyed but now the spirit of the city is not be defeated. This city is a popular destination for the holiday to the tourist and every year there is 85000 tourists visit this year.

8. Hobart

It is the second oldest city in Australia after Sydney. Hobart is small in size and compared to Australia’s large mainland city. Hobert city is also the capital of Tasmania island in Australia. The population of Hobart city is more than 300,000. Hobert city is rich with the architecture of Victorian and Georgian. A famous example of architecture in Hobert is Salamanca place. The warehouse’s terrace dating you back to the 1830s days. Hobart has mild oceanic temperatures to climate it with four different seasons.

7. Brisbane

It is the third-largest city in Australia after Melbourne and Sydney. The population of Brisbane is 2.3 million and it is also the capital of the state of Queensland. In the whole year, Brisbane has a pleasant, warm climate and spectacular scenery to draw many locals and international visitors to make Brisbane one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia.

6. Perth

After Brisbane, Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia and Perth is also the capital of Western Australia. Perth is located on the coastline of southwestern Australia. The city of Perth has its own unique and different character to develop this city. The city is thousands of years ago inhabited. Perth is a fun-loving attitude and youthful atmosphere of around two million people in the city.

5. Melbourne

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and also the most populated city in Australia. Victoria is the capital of Melbourne city. It is located in tip southeastern side of Australia the nature of the city is large port Phillip of a bay. Melbourne is also famous for its sports venues, fine restaurants, and especially for its shopping. The city of Melbourne is the best and ideal destination for good life seekers and travelers.

4. Cairns

This city is located in the northwest corner of Australia. Cairns is one of the most popular cities in Australia as a destination for a vacation. Cairns is a stylish and provincial city with a population of around more than 200,000 people. In Cairns, there are only a few coastal which is the best destination for travel and adventure but the wildlife of the city converts it to more opportunities for the visitor to look pretty cairns.

3. Alice Springs

This city is rich with pioneering charming history, gorges cavernous, aboriginal remote to communities landscape and boundless desert. Alice Springs is located in the heart of Australia to the majors’ city of 1400 kilometers and nine hundred miles only. After the start of the tourist boom to this city, the population of Alice Springs is only 30,000. The traveler hub of this city is only Kata Tjuta, kings canyon, and Ayers rock.

2. Great Barrier Reef

It is one of the best and a top destination for scuba divers and underwater lovers. The Great Barrier Reef, there is one of the world’s largest systems of the barrier reef. The city is located in the heart of the coral sea which is in the Queensland state of Australia. In the Great Barrier Reef, there are around 3,000 cays, coral reefs, and hundreds of islands. The reef of the city is one of the most ecosystems diverse in the world which converts the Great Barrier Reef to the best places to visit in Australia. There are more than a million or billion living organisms over to billions of years ago.

1. Sydney

it is located on the southeastern coast of Australia. Sydney is a modern-day city that is rich in history. A scenic harbor is defined by Sydney. It is the capital of new South Wales. Nowadays Sydney harbor bridge to the famed of under cruises to visitor takes ferries, benzene, and Rolls Royce in the past of the iconic opera house of Sydney.

Now you tell which is your destination you like the best place to visit in Australia and Leave a comment below.

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