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10 Best Places to Visit in Russia

Russia is one of the most powerful members and the largest former of the Soviet Union. Therefore that was a country to visit it fascinating. Russia is a country that is contrasts of the cold region, subtropical beaches, and one of the coldest winter places in the world in the north of Russia. In the coldest place have only fewer people who are living but that’s the place was very lovely. Russia has many popular places to visit. Russia is rich in history in everywhere visitor goes from seeing the oldest history of Russia which from literature, great music of classical and vicious battles. In every city of Russia, the tourist sees the best example of magnificent art which is not only you can see in museums it is also you can see in churches. Here are the 10 Best Places to Visit in Russia.

10. Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is the city of industrial which contain Ural mountains which have many places to go for a visit. It is famous for Russia the last tsar. It is the city which is best known for tsar Nicholas place and in 1918 the tsar was executed with his family from here during a revolution of Russia. Nowadays Yekaterinburg has a culture of the vibrant scene, many of home to libraries, playwrights, and theaters and the last companies of dance such as known well by one of the most popular rock bands of Russia. Yekaterinburg is the fourth big and largest city of Russia which has included more than 30 museums and also including the world’s oldest sculpture of wood which is the collection of Shigir. Many museum houses which is more than three hundred icons of Sloviansk.

9. Sochi

Sochi is a city of the black sea and great for sports destination in winter that is the main fact in 2014 Sochi hosted the Winter Olympics. This aside, This city also hosts many of the Russian 1 Grand Prix formulae and in the future, Sochi is a city which hosts the FIFA world cup in 2018.Winter snow despite, Sochi is also offered a visit to great beaches and climate of subtropical which is making Sochi to the key of Russian Riveria. Sochi is also famous as a resort city which makes the great winter and summer to a gateway of Russians. Sochi is environmentally conscious for travelers to want to visit the great Caucasus Biosphere Reserve. Also, Sochi is home to the northern areas of the tea plantations.

8. Veliky Novgorod

It was founded in ten century. This was one of the oldest cities to the north of Russia. This city was also known as the born place of Russia which is invited to Scandinavian Prince Rurik which is Russian rule. Which is create the density of about 750 years ago? The top sight to seeing which is include Bell Tower and Saint Sophia Cathedral, known as the oldest in Russia. Located in Ilmen Lake, buy bio-honey and eat borscht known as the best place to eat here in the city of Veliky Novgorod.

7. Vladivostok

Bays and Mountains surround all of the Vladivostok to make east of Russia a beautiful city. Vladivostok was the last station of the railway of Siberian-trans. This city was also the largest port in the Pacific ocean. Vladivostok city was famous for its museums, theaters, concert, and cultural attractions. Yul Brynner a famous actor was also born in Vladivostok in 1920. Tourist from all over the world has come to the city only for its park lovely attraction which includes Minny gorodok a military base. The main square of the city is Admirals Skver which is a devoted museum of submarines nearby.

6. Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod is the 5th largest city in Russia. The town was about thirteen century in fortress it was also taken on of name Gorky, it is because Maxim Gorky was born here. This oldest town was walled to the Archangel cathedral was one of the only things which stand after the city was divested to Bolsheviks. The city was also famous for its architecture and Russian art which is more than about 650 statues and monuments and more than 250 concert halls, art museums.

5: Irkutsk

In Eastern Siberia capital was de facto. There is one of the most popular railway Stops of Trans-Siberian which is between the east and Moscow. Where the lake of Baikal 45 km away only, this city is the best base of western shoreline lakes to explore the city. During the visit to the historic city, Irkutsk tourist may be surprised to what they actually find them in the city.

4: Kazan

Istanbul of Volga is sometimes referred to as Kazan because this is only a city. Where Asian and European culture meets together. Tatarstan is the capital of Kazan. Which is a lovely city where the skyline is filled with minarets and the city is filled with towers and churches. Kazan is also known as the third capital of Russia after St. Petersburg and Moscow, The resident of Kazan was enjoyed one of the top standards of living in Russia.

3: Golden Ring

Golden Ring is one of Russian oldest regions. Nowadays it was the most visited place in Russia after Moscow and St Petersburg. The popular destination of the city is monasteries, Churches of White Stone and fortresses are top visit places in the Golden Ring. The best way to view of town and cities. Which makes it most popular because of the counter-clockwise loop ending and beginning in Moscow, Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Pereslavl Zalesskiy, Suzdal, Rostov, Kostroma, and Yaroslavl.

2. Saint Petersburg

It was the second-largest city in Russia. Saint Petersburg was known as Leningrad. Many people prefer the city to the birth name of St. Petersburg. Founded in 1703 by the king of Tesar peter one of the great St Petersburg. Once it was an imperial capital of great Russia. The city name was changed to Leningrad in 1924. The reason is that the city located at the Neva River. Which were feeds in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. The city was popular as the destination of northern cruise and it was also one of the popular destinations in Russia to visit Saint Petersburg. St Petersburg has also known as the capital culture of Russia.

1: Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia, The city is one of the most important cities in Russia because not of only political reasons. Moscow city is more than 15 million which is well known for its artistic endeavors, art, Symphonies, and including ballet. There are many historic churches that are filled with the skyline. The tourist attraction places in Moscow were onion-shaped domes and churches. One of the world’s largest squares is also in the city of Moscow. Which is a stately Kremlin, this is the sight that is not to be missed while you visiting Moscow city. Stalin and Lenin Statues is the most popular destination in Moscow.

We hope you like our all about you think Russia. It will help a lot the 10 Best Places to Visit in Russia during your Russia trip. So leave your suggestion in the comment section. Which of your 10 Best Places to Visit in Russia after you visit Russia.

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