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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Los Angeles

Amazing View Of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the capital of entertainment city all around the world. Planning for the trip to Los Angeles here is some of the most special and tourist attractive places in Los Angeles. You should Visit during your trip to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles deciding where you go for a visit or not is challenging to you  Because this is the city full of visitor attraction places. The Top Famous places in Los Angeles are Disneyland, Hollywood Boulevard, Harry Potter. This city is full of dreamers and welcomes newcomers to keep their dreams in reality. In Los Angeles, you also see a little Tokyo with delicious japan food restaurant and Japan culture market where you can found all of Japan. So here are written below the top 10 best places to visit in Los Angeles.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame:

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Hollywood walk of fame is one of the top famous places in the world you should visit in Los Angeles.this is the top attraction place in the city. Here top stars name invaded in the star box for his great achievement to the entertainment industry for his work. This is amazing to see and the style of this box was attractable to the visitor.

Grand Central Market:

Grand Central Market

If You are hunger are hungry so park your car in the parking and visit the grand central market. This market is famous for his delicious food and fresh vegetable. Here you buy fresh food and vegetables you can also eat amazing food. Here His a lot of restaurant and shop where you can eat your own wish food.

Bradbury Building:

Bradbury Building

In Los Angeles, this building is called a movie house. In this building, every room ar floor is a movie house like a cinema. In summer there is a different type of 500 movie play at a time in this building. You can Play your own wish movie here. The architecture of this building is just a phenom.

 Little Tokyo:

Little Tokyo

If You like Japanese culture than this place is especially for you. This place is rich in Japanese culture here you can see all the Japanese culture Japanese food ar dresses which you can love it. The Japanese Buddhist temple is especially sightseeing place in Little Tokyo.

Santa Monica Beach:

Santa Monica Beach

If you don’t visit Santa Monica beach than you don’t visit Los Angeles. Walk on this beach without shoes is amazing warmly This ocean view was eve catching. you can stay here for the evening and see the heart touching view of the sun go down.

Universal Studios Hollywood:

Universal Studios Hollywood

Visiting the universal studio in Los Angeles is the world of Harry, potter. In this studio, you can buy everything from Harry Potter element. Here is an amazing water view which you like it and love it. This studio is much better to view in at night time. In night time  Universal studios look like a heaven.

 The Grove:

If you would like shopping then this place is especially for you. The Grove mall is the very affordable and very cheap price in all other shopping malls in Los Angeles. Here you can buy everything in very cheap that’s the famous thing about this mall.

LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Urban Light):

LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Urban Light)

Los Angeles country museum art is another best place to visit in Los Angeles but I highly recommended you to avoid visiting the actual museum and visit eye catching and heart touching Urban Light in the museum of arts in Los Angeles.

Downtown Los Angeles:

Downtown Los Angeles

It is best to place for dreamers because in this place you can find all your dreams reality in animations.there is thousand of Broadway theater all around on this street.there is city hall in it where you can see the white ouse statue and many other statues of personality.



It is not required to tell about Disneyland. It is the best place for all over the world for kids and is big ballons arts everything you only think about in real life all available here in Disneyland there is a lot of games for kids. Disneyland is like a heaven for children.

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