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Top 20 Tourist Attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona is a real European “Pearl” with its rich historical heritage and excellent prospects. This capital of Catalonia was founded in the 3rd century BC by Carthaginian commander the father of famous Hannibal. Since the city passed from the Romans to Moors, Visigoths, and then to descendants of Frankish Kings. At the same time, he was constantly developed and subsequently became the capital of the powerful Catalan Argon Kingdom. Here is an overview of the Top 20 Tourist Attractions in Barcelona.

Barcelona also attracts millions of tourists every year. It is a city with beautiful Catholic Churches, Magnificent Gothic quarters, the immortal creations of Gaudi, and the unique atmosphere of Mediterranean Promenades. The vibrant national festivals “La Merce”, “Garcia”, “Parade of the magician’s kings” reveal the local culture in all of its glory that will allow you to plunge deeper into its traditions.

20. Joan Miró Foundation

It was a modern art Museum. The founder of this museum is Joan Miro the avant-garde and surrealist of the 20th century. The museum is a platform for the exhibition of the young modern avant-garde artists. For the construction of this building, the architect chose a site in this park on the mountain. He has created a unique Mediterranean style of building with the arches between exhibition glass roofs and halls. And from the roof of this museum offers an excellent picturesque view.

19. Arc de Triomf

The symbolic entrance to the Ciutadella park was 31 meters high. It was built of red brick with a decoration made of ceramic tiles and stone. The architect of this was Jusep Vilaseka. The architects were sculptors of Josep Reines, Antoni Vilanova, and Josep Limona. The style of a composition is a neo-Moorish. The 50 emblems of Barcelona itself and other Spanish provinces were used as an ornament of the arch. Bats are carved from the stone on these columns.

18. São Pau Hospital

This hospital was a complex of 27 buildings is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This hospital was founded in 1402 and only in 1901 the construction of a modern building was begun which lasted 30 years. Architect Lewis Domenech-i-Montaner was built this hospital department in the Nouveau Art style and combined them with underground passages. In appearance, this building looked like more palace than a hospital. Its whole walls are decorated with intricate decorations.

17. Palau de la Musica Catalana

It is an Art Nouveau concert hall that is located here in the center of Barcelona near the Gothic Quarter. This building was richly decorated with figured frescoes and mosaics. There is an auditorium is crowned by a roof with a colored stained glass window, Also wide windows which are made of multi-colored glass. Classical orchestras, Famous folklore performances, and modern musicians with their original programs perform at a Music Palace.

16. Mount Tibidabo

Tibidabo mount was rising above from Barcelona of 510 meters. The name of this mountain was associated with a tradition from the Gospel according to which Satan was in this place tempted Jesus with an unearthly power and beauty. On the mountain were stands and unusual time of the air Gothic style with a statue of Christ at the very top of a hill. This cathedral was also famous for Sacred Heart. It has a magnificent interior and elegant architecture. You can get into the mountain by train, bus or cable car.

15. Ciutadella Park

Also called Parc de la Ciutadella. Before the destruction of this Citadel is one of the largest fortresses in the whole Europe this park there is also a Zoo, the parliament of Catalonia, a museum, and an artificial lake that will take a whole day to explore this park. Antonio Gaudi was himself worked on only one of the sculptures. Which is the decoration of the fountain of this park. Noteworthy are the structures built specifically for the world Exhibition of this building, the castle of three dragons, the winter garden, and a Palm Greenhouse.

14. Barcelona Cathedral

It is one of the main catholic temples in the city of Barcelona, which is located in the Gothic Quarter. This cathedral was erected on the site of Roman Basilica in the 6th century. Where the relics of holy martyr Eulalia, the patroness of Barcelona was stored. After this moor was destroyed by the basilica in the 11th century this cathedral was rebuilt again in the early Romanesque, this gothic building appeared in the 13th century. In subsequent centuries, this temple was completed and the main facade appeared in the 19th century.

13. Picasso Museum

There is a collection of paintings with a famous artist was in the palace of “Barenguera d”Agilara” is in the quarter of “la Ribera”. The museum mainly presented works of the early period of Picasso there are several later works. In addition to these, the paintings themselves are expositions of Photographs, Prints, and ceramics. This museum was periodically hosting a lecture on the works and life of Picasso.

12. La Boqueria Market

Shopping malls of this leading in the history of the 12th century. The colorful Boqueria was a great place to enjoy and eat Catalan deliciously. There is everything in this market Like Wine, fresh seafood, Catalan sweets, excellent seafood Jamon, the best cheese, a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. The Boqueria tourist will be able to fully appreciate the generosity of these fertile lands of Mediterranean and underwater depth.

11. Santa Maria del Mar

It was an ancient temple in the quarter of “la Ribera”. It’s a classic example of the style of Catalan Gothic. This church was built in the 14th century on the donations of merchants and sailors who needed their patron. At the time in Barcelona, the heyday of navigation, maritime trade, and discoveries was just be observed. External doors of the church were decorated with reliefs with the scenes of ship life. This church was often hosting a classical music concert.

10. Camp Nou

The museum was a famous reserved and almost iconic football club in Barcelona trains. Football fans considered this place a real symbol of this city and primarily seek to get it here in this stadium. Camp Nou stadium was seated at almost 100 thousand spectators and it is one of the largest stadia in the whole of Europe. One of the largest stadium of tourist attractions in Barcelona. According to FIFA classification, “Barcelona” was awarded 5 stars for convenience, functionally, and capacity.

9. Montjuïc

The construction of this fortress is crowned by the mountain of the same name as the city of Barcelona. Until the 16th century, there was a watchtower, is in the middle of the century during the Catalan uprising against the Habsburg government this fortress wall and defensive structures appeared. In the 128th century, this fort was taken by the British, but very soon the Spaniards recaptured Montjuic. Nowadays there is a military museum which is located here on this territory of the fortress.

8. Casa Milà

Mila is one of the most interesting visited sights of Barcelona that is created by Antonio Gaudi. This house was built by the order of spouses Mila. Which is planned to rent out its part of the rooms. Gaudi has used the concept of a “Moving stadium” during the time of construction. So the lines of this structure seemed alive and “Flowing”. This house was considered to be one of the spiritual symbols of this city. Today people were live is in one of its parts and the upper floors are given over to the museum.

7. Font Màgica

The colorful music fountain was in the front square of the National Palace, which is located on a Montjuic. This fountain was built in 1929 during the world Exhibition renovated and renovated in 1992 is in preparation for the Olympics. The lighting system of the fountain structure was about 6,000 light sources in 3700 water flows and it creates interesting visual illusions during the operation. This is why this fountain was called the “Magic”.

6. Barceloneta Beach

One of the most famous and oldest beaches located on the wide sand spit. The territory of Barceloneta was stretched to the Olympic port. There are many bars, clubs, volleyball courts, restaurants, food chains, and several other active activities on this beach. This place is popular with young people because at the height of the season there is not an hour of turbulent activity, dances and discos are arranged even in the afternoon.

5. Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo was Rebuilt in the 19th century. A. Gaudi is a profitable house of Josep Balto I Casanova. Which is after reconstruction became an architectural masterpiece and an ideal example thought of a brilliant architect. Researchers at Gaudi’s work will believe that work on the building was laid a foundation for a new independent stage in this work of an architect. The ideas were tested at Casa Batllo and were used to further his creations.

4. Gothic Quarter

This medieval quarter is the heart of the city, where several interesting sights are located. There are several Ancient stone houses of the 14th to 15th centuries, narrow streets share on the first floor of a building are traditional taps bars. There are also modern shops, clubs, and trendy restaurants. Stormy life boils here until its dawn, which is not allowing the local’s people to sleep. Only in the morning time, a few hours will be Ghtoic quarter is quiet.

3. Park Güell

This city park was created by Antoni Gaudi. Initially, it was conceived as a place of building to the mansions of wealthy citizens but this project was failed and the owner of land Industrialist E. Guell was sold this park to the authorities. This territory was decorated in figures and a sculptural group which is created by the famous architect as well as the several houses of his work. Today this park was Several office buildings and a municipal school.

2. La Rambla

It is one of the most famous promenade tourist attractions in Barcelona, a symbol of the city. Separates of the old gothic quarter from the Raval district. For visitors, La Rambla is one of the most iconic places in Barcelona. Here tourist relaxes in the street cafes, buy souvenirs and watch improvised performances by street performers. Even before the will start of a large number of tourist influxes, the local’s people will love this boulevard but now they are very rarely will be seen in the several-sided mass of walking by the city guests.

1. Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the World. Which attracts more than 3.8 millions tourist every year. This unusual catholic church was in the art of Nouveau style. Which is built according to a unique project of famous Antonio Gaudi. This building was still being built solely on the donations of everyone. The tourist of Barcelona was stand in the line for several hours to climb the bell tower to explore the intricate interiors. It is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona.

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