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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in England

England is rich in historical places. The castles with a thousand of year history, that are interesting in themselves and the royal residences in them are doubly interesting. The most famous archaeological site is in the world of Stonehenge is millions of years old. Thousands of tourists visit England to try to unravel its secret and of course, don’t forget about the legendry English band the Beatles with their fans will be happy to visit the Cavern Club, the place where the Beatles gained fame. Here are the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in England.

Many tourists will dream of visiting England for most of the sight of this country that is the most recognizable in the world. Tower Bridge, Big Ben who doesn’t know these names. The famous English love of order can be appreciated even in the botanical gardens and parks of this country, They are kept in perfect cleanliness, the arrangement of flower beds and alleys in them is impeccably designed.

10. Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall is a palace of Renaissance. At the beginning of the 20th century, Nottingham authorities are bought this building and placed here a natural museum history. This palace was located in a 510-acre park with a picturesque lake. This park is famous for its inhabitants, there are swans, deer, fallow deer, and squirrels. Everyone walks freely around this park. anyone can see them and take an unusual photo of a herd deer in the background of Elizabethan Palace.

9. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

There are more than 252 years, This entire area complex of Greenhouse and gardens are covers 135 hectares. The gardens were also included in the list of UNESCO sites due to a large number of living plants collection. The herbarium of Kew gardens has over 8 million specimens. On this territory there are several objects of inspection house of water lilies, Flower festivals, Kew Palace, Alpine house, concerts, Palm House, and exhibitions are also held here in the winter to fill the rink.

8. Warwick Castle

Warwick is a medieval castle. His visit will be an unusual attraction for any tourist. Restorers recreated the interior to the smallest detail. Madame Tussauds Museum Made wax figures, that became adobe of castle, court ladies, servants, and guards. Archery competitions, knightly tournaments to show “Flight of the Eagles” that are held in this courtyard. On Halloween, Ghosts walk in this ghost tower.

7. Lake District

This reserve is famous for its landscapes from mountain lakes. Nature here is diverse amazing hills, wastelands, high hill mountains, lakes with clear water, and rocky shores. This place was inspired by many poets and artists to create works of art. There is a special direction for the masters of this area are called the “lake school”. For tourists, there are observation platforms that are equipped.

6. Tower of London

This fortress is one of the oldest buildings in England and one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Also a UNESCO world heritage site. This tower was founded in the 2nd century as part of the city fortifications and later it was completed strengthened by Richard the Lionheart and William I. At Present the harmony chamber, the museum with a treasure of historical monuments and crown are also located in this tower.

5. York Minster

This Gothic cathedral construction began in 1219 and lasted for 260 years. The cathedral large features stained glass windows in the style of Medieval Europe. The largest window is 24 meters was made in the 15 century. York cathedral was considered to be one of the largest in the whole of Europe. Its length is about 159 meters and the height of the towers is 61 meters. The central tower of the cathedral was undergoing two restorations, which is protected the cathedral from collapse.

4. Windsor Castle

Since the 11th century, this castle was called the suburban residence of British Monarchs. It was founded in 1065, Till today It has been expanded and rebuilt several times. Luxurious rooms with rich interior decoration and antique furniture are open for visitors. They feature works of art from the collection of kings. In Windsor park, you can see the Chapel of St. George. This large park was decorated with graceful sculptures.

3. Stonehenge

This archaeological site was considered to be one of the most mystical in the whole world. Scientists are still not agreed on the purpose of this building. The approximate cottage of the foundation of Stonehenge XXX century BC. It is consists of stone blocks weighing up to 45 tons. They are arranged in rings or in the form of a horse’s shoe. It is estimated that several thousand people performed such labor-intensive work for 300 years. This facility was protected by UNESCO.

2. Big Ben

Tourists will often call the big ben tower is Elizabeth’s clock tower in Westminster Palace. However, initially, it was called only the largest bell of the six others in a watch which weights are 13 tons. Currently, the images of the tower, clock, and bell are united and together they will make up the most popular tourist symbol of London. The height of this tower was 97 meters. The style of construction is neo-Gothic. Its facade is decorated with inscriptions in Latin.

1. Royal Pavilion

The royal pavilion is a magnificent palace for a long time It was a residence of kings by Sea. The architectural style of this palace was called Indo-Sarmatian. This is a mixture of Chinese, Indians, and Moorish architecture. Grandeur and luxury can be seen here in everything both of the design of facades and interiors. There is currently a museum in Pavilion and luxurious can be rented for these events.

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