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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Finland

Finland is a harsh northern country. Their ecosystem is popular among the tourist coming to Finland. The climate of this country allowed the tourist to travels this country all year round. Finland is also famous for its several lakes, national parks, nature, and water channels. All of this creates an excellent ecology in this country. In the summer season, tourists will prefer to visit the open-air museums and amusement parks. In the snowy winter, tourists will go skiing resorts of the residence of Santa Claus. There are several interesting places that are located in cities. Castles, Museums, fortresses, ancient religious buildings thats choice is incredibly large. In the historic centers of small towns, such as Porvoo and old Rauma, where You can also see the old buildings. Most of them are magnificent examples of Scandinavian Architecture. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Finland.

10. Lake Saimaa

One of the largest lakes not only in Finland but in the whole of European lakes which is sung by the writers and poets. It was strictly said that Saimaa is not a single lake but it was a whole reservoir of a system that is connected by the channel, arms, stairs, and swamps. At the center of this lake is a rich and unique natural world system of the Olavinlinna fortress. Nearby to the cities of Imatra and Lappeenranta.

9. Old Rauma

Old Rauma was a historic center of Rauma. This city was founded in the 15th century. However, This very first building of Old Rauma dates back to the 18th century. Most of these town’s old wooden buildings were burned down during the fires. The Interesting wooden buildings are the houses of sailor Christie and also the home of Shipowner Marel. There is also a museum exhibit. Where a rare stone structure is represented in the city hall and the church of the holy cross.

8. Moomin World

An interesting place thats will best for both adults and children alike. It is known as one of the best theme parks in the world. Where you can immerse yourself in a fabulous atmosphere. Here you can also meet your favorite character and see their real life. This country park was located on the island and it was an image of the mommy trolls valley. There is also a Moomin house and also a character’s house, talking trees, and a laboratory. There is also a performance held on a stage several times a day.

7. Sibelius Monument

There is a unique monument that is becoming the pride of Helsinki. This Sibelius monuments contain 610 hollow steel pipes and weigh more than 25 tons. In addition to these, the abstract but impressive composition will resemble an organ pipe but the whole of monuments was incomparable with anything in the world. Jean Sibelius was a composer of these monuments therefore according to the sculptor, such monuments should reflect their work. This monument was erected in 1966 thats was the decade of the death of its composer.

6. Temppeliaukion Church

Temppeliaukio is not only a church but was a structure carved into the giant rock. This church is famous for its unique architecture, although it was cannot boast from ancient history. Temppeliaukio Church was open in 1969 and now a days there are more than almost two million people visited this church annually. All walls of the church were not built from the rock of natural stone. It was seeing thats the temple all walls are a cave although there was an organ of 185 windows around the dome. There is excellent acoustics music night is held here every night in Temppeliaukio.

5. Parikkala Sculpture Park

Near to the village of Parikkala, there is a beautiful park. Which figures evoke mixed feelings but no one leaves indifferent. There are so many phantasmagoric which is impossible to pass by easily. Moreover, there are this park is just two kilometers from the border of Russia. In this park you can easily find the caricatured images of the politician of finish, often it was very difficult to recognize but it is certainly interesting.

4. Inari Lake

One of the largest finish lakes that will amaze every tourist with its mosaic of blue and green colors water. There are incredibly several islands here which are more than three thousand. All of the coasts are indented by bays and the islands themselves that are surprisingly diverse. The nature all around the inari lake has retained by its original appearance. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the silence, watch birds, fishing and pick up cloudberries in the surrounding forests. For more than half a year the full of the lake is covered by the ice. So it was better to choose the summer season to visit Inari lake.

3. Turku Castle

It is one of the oldest castles in the country. Which is located in Turku, This castle was founded in the 12th century. This castle was an impressive size as well as the durable material of this building brick and Granite made it possible to use the castle was not only for defense purpose but it was also storage of prison. This castle looked like a harsh military fortification, there is a medieval atmosphere. but on the inside of the castle walls, a festive atmosphere was created in the castle halls. Which is also rented for the events.

2. Helsinki Cathedral

The business card of the city is created when Finland was also a part of the Russian empire. Thats is why the center of the senate square was a monument to the great Russian emperor of Alexander II. This cathedral was built in 1832 and its doors were open to the public in 1855. The center of this beautiful square was also the great cathedral. After visiting this cathedral most of the tourists was go through the market square.

1. Sveaborg Fortress

Sveaborg Fortress was located in the capital of Finland and one of the main historical tourist attractions destination in the Helsinki. This fortress was built in 1748, the fortress is built for defense purpose and the fortress is regularly performed in his role as a defender of the whole city. Four hundred years still Sveaborg Fortress is better known as Suomenlinna of Finland. Sveaborg was an under control empire of the Russian. Thats the reason there is a lot of evidence you can see here about the history of Russian. In which the Russian guns with inscriptions still remains. In addition to these, there are many museums in Sveaborg city and the fortress is also so beautiful for just walking along will bring you much pleasure. Therefore Sveaborg Fortress is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam.

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