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Top 14 Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

Madagascar is often called a “continent in miniature” because of its wide variety and unique nature of its endemic animals that are inhabited of islands. Excursions to these national parks of this state will interest tourists inclined to contemplation and research as well as its active tourist who are love trekking. Madagascar can be also considered the best place for beach holidays. However, you need to know that the hotels base on the islands are quite scarce and the beach infrastructure is very poorly developed. There are a few tourists that are preferred to stay on these islands of Nosy Be, Where there are more entertainment and better service. Here is an overview of the Top 14 Tourist Attractions in Madagascar.

14. Lemurs – Symbol of Madagascar

These funny animals are only live in the Comoros and Madagascar. That is considered to be the ancestors of a monkey. There are many species of these lemurs on these islands. One of the rarest of them is a small ah-ah. Which is according to mythology was considered the death of harbinger. This small animal is distinguished by a large surprised eye, long tail, and a flexible body. Thanks to the funny facial expression of the lemur that becomes a hero of many popular internet memes.

13. The Island of St. Mary

This island was located seven kilometers on the east coast of Madagascar. In orders to the virgin Mary, This island was named by French, The local Malagasy was name sound like a “Nosy Boraha”. Nowadays this place was a beach resort of a popular primarily among these Madagascans are themselves, But you can also see foreigners here in these islands. There is also a legend that is buried pirates several millions of pounds of treasure on St Mary’s island.

12. Nosy Be Island

Nosy Be is a small island and one of the top premier tourist attractions places in Madagascar. Secluded places with its beautiful beaches are popular for foreign tourists. One of the largest Coffee and Ylang plantations are is in the country that is cultivated here. The local reserve of luck is you can find rare species of lemurs. There is a tired of lying on these beaches and its traditional holiday entertainment for travelers that are invited to visit this native village, that will ruin for a Portuguese fort and also a silver waterfall.

11. Lake Tritriva

Volcanic pond with its many hot springs in the central part of Madagascar. It was located in a former volcanic crater. The maximum depth of its about 180 meters. It was also the unknown source of replenishment water reserves Possibly it was underground. Since it was a dry season in water level rises. If you will throw an object into these lakes then you can find it in a valley which is lying below on this coast.

10. Volcano Ankaratra

It was a part of Ankara massif. Which are formed as a result of this split of continents millions of years ago during the great formation of modern appearance to this planet. This volcano has been also extinct for a long time, Now it reminds itself of only the rate of earthquakes and steam emissions. The non-hazardous crater was a natural attraction that attracts its tourists. Who wants to “conquer” once it was raging Ankaratra.

9. Amber Mountain National Park

This natural landmark was located in the northern part of Madagascar. Unlike there is an adjacent arid valley, this park has a humid climate and rains every day. A huge amount of water is collected here that is provided to the nearest city. That’s is also around the 71000 hectares of rice fields and cultivated. On this territory of Montagnes D’Ambra. There is a miniature chameleon of Brukesia that is only about 3cm in length.

8. Rainforests Atsinanana

These prehistoric forests were located on the east coast of this island in Madagascar. There are More than 13, 000 plant species are recognized as endemic and unique. It was believed that an isolated ecosystem of this region was formed 61 million years ago. Rare species of animals are also found here, some of these are facing the threat of extinction. In 2011 these forests were included in the list of objects that are very soon disappeared from this earth.

7. Isalo National Park

This nature reserve was created in 1963, Its landscapes have resembled an African shroud. There are almost no animals, rather a poor flora due to its inappropriate weather conditions. This Izalo was created to preserve the natural landscapes of the area. As they were recognized as valuable and unusual. This reserve has many scenic tourist routes along the natural river of these channels.

6. Rova of Antananarivo

It was located in Antananarivo on Mount Analamanga that is almost 1.5km from above sea levels. This palace was originally made of wood and later it was lined with stone. This building was built in the 19th century by the first queen of Ranavaluna island. After the fire in 1994 but it still did not restore. From the mountains of Analamanga offers panoramic views of surroundings from here you can view the whole city that is clearly visible.

5. Andafiavaratra Palace

This palace was located in the capital. It was used to be the residence of Prime Minister Rainilayarivuni. Who headed this government at the end of the 19th century. Now there was a museum is in this building. Where more than 1476 exhibits are exhibited. These artifacts are of great historical importance for the history and culture of this country. Several items were restored and came here after one of the great fire of 1996 at this Ruva Palace.

4. Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

The historical monuments of valuable evidence of Malagasy culture. Previously it was a large city all around the hill. Where the royal residence of these island rulers was located. It was believed that a settlement flourished by the 16th century. This hill was ritual significance rituals and scared actions were held here for many centuries. This area is of particular importance to the identity of Malagasy, as it will keep the secrets of their traditional cultures.

3. Tsingy de Bemaraha Nature Reserve

This territory was unusual karst landscapes of rocks that resemble a stone forest. The road of the reserve is a separate adventure. Since you will have to overcome several kilometers of impassability and difficult walking routes. So hikers physically prepared to tourists that will master on such a trip.

2. Baobabs Avenue

The road between the settlements of Beloni and Morondava that are attracting tourists from all over the world. This baobab is also popular for Tourist Attractions in Madagascar. There is a giant baobab are also grows on the edges of this “avenue” many of these are hundreds of years old. The height of these unusual trees reaches about 35 meters, The trunk girth can also be a couple of 11 meters. The alley was in a protected area. The local people believe that all of the Madagascar forests from this baobab. 

1. Antananarivo

The capital of the state is translated from the local languages as “City of a Thousand.” Among these are the inhabitant’s walks to the affectionate diminutive name of this city is “Tana.” The city was strongly influenced by the French, Who left it only in the 1961s. In the centers of the city, you can easily find several shops with their french names. There are also french hotels and many bakeries offering fresh croissants. Therefore Antananarivo is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Madagascar.

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