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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Portugal

Mysterious Portugal was a country that is rich in his culture, history, Low crime, first-class service, and a warm temperate climate. Located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula that is not very familiar to the tourist. Which is still preferred to other classic European destinations Spain, Scotland, Italy, France. Meanwhile, Portugal deserved to give its part of attention and vacation. The ancient cities, magnificent medieval fortresses, clean beaches, that is well maintained or well developed, several resorts, infrastructure and chic to the local’s cuisine that make all tourist vacations this country is rich interesting and varied. This subtropical Mediterranean climate that is allows you to the relaxin Portugal to almost all year round. The only worth thing in Portugal was considering the winter in the country is albeit warm, rainy from +4 to +11. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Portugal.

There are several four to five stars is in Portugal. The best of them are located in ancient fortresses and castles. Getting to Portugal was best started with Lisbon. Then you will go to the smaller cities Coimbra, Braga, and Porto. 

10. Quinta da Regaleira

The park and palace are complex of baroness Regaleria that consist of a four style place, which is built in a Roman Catholic chapel, a multi-tiered park and a neo-gothic style that is consisting of an upper wild forest a lower garden was also a part. Gothic turrets and gargoyles of this palace were organically look surrounded by carved benches and artificial grottoes.

9. Alcobaca Monastery

The Catholic monastery of Santa Marie de Alcobas was founded in the middle of the 12th century. This Roman Catholic monastery was located in the town of Alcobaca which is in central Portugal. The heyday of this monastery was fell on the 14th to 16th centuries When there are thirteen cities and two castles are fell under its subordination. There is three Nave basilica of this abbey is built into the style of Gothic. The facade of the cathedral has pronounced the Baroque features.

8. Madeira Island

Madeira Island was situated on the thousand of kilometers from Portugal, which is on the west side of Africa. The island is world-famous for its balneological centers and clean air. Madeira was virtually no beaches, that are accessible to the ocean that is carried out by a special ladder. The main island attractions were windsurfing, tennis, diving, horse riding, golf, hunting of dwarf sharks and tuna.

7. Guimarães Castle

This medieval fortress was built into the middle of the 10th century that protect a nearby monastery was used as a defensive structure of the 5th century. the Guimarães Castle was turned into a Prison. Beginning to the 18th century, the building that is collapsing from time to time, the local’s residents began to gradually disassemble onto the stones. At the end of the 19th century, This castle was declared a historical monument after restored and open it for visitors.

6. Cascais

It was grown from a 12th-century fishing village. Cascais was today recognized as a center of youth leisure. During the day time, the city was lives a measured tourist life that introducing vacationers to an architectural and historical ensemble of a center. It was also illuminated by a light of many night club and discos. Locals beaches were also ideal for lovers of extreme water sports.

5. Azores

It is one of nine islands that are located in the center of the Atlantic, tranquility region and silence. There is no developed infrastructure but that is plenty of dolphins, corals, and Whales. Lovers of beach holidays, diving, eco-tourism, and fishing go to this Azores archipelago. Healing geysers are beaten in this sulfur caves and Piku island had its own Volcano.

4. Obidos Castle

Obidos castle was known as one of the seven wonders of Portugal. It was built in the 12th century on the site of ancient Roman Baths. The castle is a four-cornered fortification that was erected in the classical for that time in military-style of “Manueline”, combining elements of Renaissance, Moorish and Gothic culture. After one of the great Lisbon earthquake, the castle was fell into decay. Starting from the 19th century its functions were as an unspoken museum.

3. Praia da Marinha

The beach was located not far from the city of Carvoeiro is distinguished by its exquisite beauty as well as his steepness, unsuitable for older families and vacationers with small children. Everyone else can also go down to Praia da Marina on a long, steep staircase that admires the changing shades of water and explore the grottoes, caves and locals bays.

2. Belem Tower

This fort was on the Tagus River island, which is one of the symbols of Lisbon. It was built at the beginning of the 16th century in the honor of Vasco Da Gama’s discovery to the sea route of India and it was used interchangeably as a prison, fortress, customs and powder warehouse. Today this tower was open for the tourist.

1. Pena National Palace

The medieval Pena Palace was located on the above of the city to the Sitra, Only at a first glance that seems to hold. In fact, it was built in the 19th century in a popular romantic style of copying ancient architecture. Therefore it is one of the best Tourist Attractions in Portugal. Broken around the palace to the park that contains plants from different parts of the world of Mediterranean cypress, Australian ferns, and a North American Sequoia.

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