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Visit To Dubai

Dubai Marine night view
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Welcome to Dubai.

Dubai is the city of a record-breaking skyscraper, exotic desert safari, and world-class luxury attraction city to the tourist. Dubai is famous for its luxury and its style for living. Burj al Khalifa is one of the tallest hotels in the world which was is in Dubai. In Dubai People pet was loin. world-class luxury car in Dubai everywhere. Dubai city people are very friendly to tourist and the help a lot to the tourist for visiting the city.

Shaikh Zaid Grand Mosque:

This mosque is literally the most beautiful place to visit in Dubai city. The architecture and craft of the mosque you will ever see in your life. This grand mosque construction and design unit in the world. Using material from many countries like Italy, Pakistan, Germany, Morocco, Turkey and more…sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

more than 3000 workers and 38 company take part in the construction work of this grand mosque. Shaikh Zayed grand mosque was the record of world largest one-piece carpet according to Guinness world record. This mosque has the million of expensive marble till to build. In this mosque, there is much expensive and special material which was an import from another country. The grand mosque is one of the best mosques in Dubai city.

Desert Safari:

One thing you must do in Dubai is a desert safari. Desert safari is one of the top places where you can discover Dubai city history. visit the safari and ride on the car and bike is one of the best experience of your life you ever do it in your past.UAE is the country that really a creator story. Especially riding on the camel is Emirati culture. Night Dinner of the safari is one of the best experience for your desert safari dinner you can enjoy sheesha, cooker, Hina and you can ask much more for this.Desert Safari Dubai

Burj Khalifa:

New York is the statue of liberty. Paris is the Eiffel tower now the Dubai present tallest man-made a structure in the world. Burj Khalifa has 2717 feet height and 160+ floors. if you to capture this all building than you will capture it only for three days with non-stop work at the top of the Burj Khalifa, you will see an amazing view of all Dubai. The best time to visit the Burj Khalifa is sunrise and sunset time. On an average 6000 people visit Burj Khalifa a day. Make sure you purchase your Burj Khalifa ticket in advance online.

burj khalifa dubai

Night Live:

Dubai nightlife is better than your experience. there a lot of night club and outdoor Huqa bar where you can enjoy your night with your dream. the bar is still open to the 5 is all about your opportunity. where you can enjoy a lot. In Dubai night everyday hundred thousand people visit and say spend a lot of money to the bar dancer girl.

dubai night club party

Dubai Miracle Garden:  

This is the world largest flower garden. Ladies love flower for taking a selfie and much more. So lady this garden is for you. This garden has 45 million different types of flower. Some of this flower show the shape of Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower and so much more…

This is an amazing place to visit with your girlfriend or boyfriend for taking a selfie. Some of these garden flowers show the shape of famous places in the world or some of the flower show the shape of animal and birds.there is the very best place to taking a selfie with your friend or I mean with your lovers.Dubai Miracle Garden

Gold Souk:

In gold souk, you have endless option to buy gold, dresses, and spicy is also called the city of Gold. In 2016 it breaks the world record by making 21 karats and 63 KG rings which ring name also registered in gunnies world record book. There is also a Pure gold dress in there which is also shown in glass for a showpiece, not for sale. There is a lot of Gold quality and design which is full fill your desire. There is also a Gold Shoe, Gold biscuit, Gold Cow and many more of the Gold made souk dubai

Dubai Mall:

The Dubai shopping mall is one of the world largest shopping malls. In this mall, you can find everything about your desire dresses, shoe, perfume and many more of your wishlist and outside of the mall, there is an amazing fountain light view which amazed you. There is a huge fish equilibrium in which have thousands of fish. They ice Hockey Ground is another famous place to visit in the Dubai shopping mall. There is a shark in Aquarium Underwater Zoo in the Dubai shopping mall.

Burj Al Arab: 

This is the most luxurious hotel in the world. This hotel was build in the center of Arabian sea. The total height of the Burj al Arab was 305 meter. This hotel was one of the best construction of the man-made because this hotel has 2 floors inside the sea. Where you can view the fish and shark through inside the hotel. This hotel is the best design of interior and art inside the hotel. There is the luxurious car which can pick and drop you to the city. The Top of the hotel there is a helipad where you can land your helicopter easily. All the staff at the hotel was very friendly. Night view of outside the hotel was amazing with heart touching light style.Burj Al Arab inside view

so that all about Dubai there is more in Dubai but when you visit Dubai you can find out more. Dubai life is full of luxurious and every person dream life so if you have any question about Dubai so write in the comment section below.

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