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10 Best Places to Visit in Austria

Vast of the European empire Austria now a day richness to the glories of past. Vienna was one of the most shined for his pastries, art, classical music, and also for his architecture. Mozart birthplace was Salzburg and beautiful building of its whole home. It was one of the biggest parts which make genuinely treat to Austria. The whole country is locked to its famous architecture and history. Austria alpine resort beckon and pure air of its mountains. Austria is also known as for showcase of its lakes, valley and beautiful scenery of mountain. Here is a look about Best Places to visit in Austria.

10. Bad Gastein

Hohe Tauern National Park located in Bad Gastein was also known for spa town and fog-free air of mountain surrounded by building in Belle Époque. Bad Gastein is above at sea level of 1000 meters (3280 feet) visitor flock here to breathe the pure air of mountain, In hot springs people soak to take part in the treatment of spa. The City of Bad Gastein is famous for his outdoorsmen, In winter who take part in ski and summer the trails mountain to bike or hike.

9. Worthersee

The city is famous for Carinthia which is one of the biggest lakes in Austria. Worthersee is one of the top Destination for the visitor in Summer. The city is famous for Carinthia which is one of the biggest lakes in Austria. Worthersee is one of the top Destination for the visitor in Summer. Every one who visiting the cathedrals and enjoys the place won’t miss visiting the great cathedral of Gurk, which is back to 11th century when the visit Gmund while enjoying vintage car ride, the birthplace of Porsche the large automotive Villach museum where a huge collection of cars, motorcycles and many of more.

8. Graz

Graz was known for student city because A huge amount of student from mecca will find easily in Austria. It was the second largest city after mecca because there is more than 46000 student are enrolled here in the city for his famous six universities. The city was also preserved for his oldest town in central Europe. Which is produce the culture of Italy city Balkan states.in Graz city is full of huge number raging from art to armory and museums. The city reputation is Culinary Delights. The city also offers a variety of international cuisine. Cooks may cook the bottle of seed oil of pumpkin which is local product after visiting the farmer market in summer.

7. St Anton am Arlberg

St Anton is Arlberg city known as for his best destination of its ski resort in Austria. Tyrol village offers very seriously to its visitor to legendary ski terrain which is mixed up to his next level of abilities. St Anton is Arlberg attract youth to visit his adventures which is very notorious for the living people of the village which is said that “Play hard, Work Hard”. In vast of the village, landscape welcomes the crowd of a city in a winter season, which is much greater than the visitor of summer in mountaineers. There is a huge number of people which is come here every year to trek the landscape.

6. Wachau

Danube River flowing in the city, The popular tourist destination in the city is Wachau Valley which is a famous tourist destination in southern Austria. The Dunstein town is famous for his royalty because of British King of Duke Leopold V, Lion Hearted the Richerd which is a prisoner in many years in the late 11th Century. Another town of Melk is reconstructed beautifully by Benedictine abbey. Wachau city is famous for his fruits, as well as wins such as apricots. This valley has more than 550 historic moments. So that the main toughest point of tourist to make some choice to visit.

5. Zell am See

Zell is See was located in the state of Salzburg, which is known best of his tourist destination also the city famous for his lakes and mountains. One of the french governer troops back to early in 18th century, Zell am See hosted many skiing competitions of national and international level. One of the famous tourist attraction is Church of Romanesque St. Hippolyte’s, which is very elevated to the walkway of its dates back to the early of 15th Century. Zell is See is a very attractive starting point of Grossglockner Alpine Road, a dramatic road famous for his high-level alpine scenery.

4. Innsbruck

Innsbruck which name translate is “Bridge over the inn,” meaning all season of tourist attraction. The city also Known for his winter sports of internationally, the city also hosted the Winter Olympics in 1976 and 1964. But the city of Tyrolean offers the best of its skiing. The city offers a best of cathedrals, known as Hofkirche, There is also Tomb of Emperor Maximilian I, the Schloss Ambrass a huge collection of armor and painting and a museum bell which is a nod of 400 years for making the bell.

3. Salzkammergut

Salzkammergut city is known as the city of a resort which is a start of Salzburg and it was heading into the east of lakes and land. Wonderful mountains, Sparkling clean lakes, green hills and one of the romantic town for lovers like Hallstatt and St. Wolfgang creat this region. The tourist who have not seen the movie “The Sound Of Music” was not know how beautiful this region look like. The whole movie was filmed in the city of Salzburg and of its neighboring region Salzkammergut.

2. Salzburg

This city was located in the center of Austria which is the nearest city to the border of German. Salzburg city was also famous for the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Birthplace. One of the fourth largest city in Austria to come and visit the historic place and never forget the beautiful music of the city. In the topped of a hill, the fortress of medieval and surrounding town of the fortress picturesque Altstadt was taking an amazing Alpine scenery with breathtaking a view of the city. Salzburg city one of the best city for a tourist to visit in Austria after Vienna. If you seeking to visit the same scenes which are in the movie of “The Sound Of Music” you must visit the city to see the attraction of 17th-century palace of Baroque Mirabell and the family home of Vin Trapp and his beautiful Gardens. Which is now performing as a hotel in the city to the visitor.

1. Vienna

Johann Strauss and Elegant waltzes come in your mind immediately when you think about the city of Vienna. Austria capital was also Vienna and one of the largest city in Austria. One of the Vienna city record that each year Vienna city holds 250 balls. The city was also famous for the city classical composers which are Brahms, Schubert Mozart, and Beethoven. Every tourist visit in the city can break a city to listing the music of Hofburg. There are many of Hapsburg imperial jewelry rulers and the museum of Kunsthistorisches which is many antique collections of old masters and painting. Vienna city was also famous for his club and cafe where every tourist can stay and decided that which of the parks and museum next to after.

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