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Top 15 Best Cities to Visit in Italy

Italy is probably known as one of the most attractive countries in the whole world. In fact of it is the birthplace of the most famous artist and sculptors of the planet, the location of the most famous fashion boutiques, museums, charming landscapes, beautiful castles, and the Cote D’ Azure. In Italy, every tourist will be able to choose a lesson of their liking. Catholics will be also certain to go the vacation here to see themselves the beauty and grandeur of St. peter’s basilica. However, such an excursion will be also appealing to the followers of other religions. Art lovers will not be able to get the past of numerous museums with their richest collection of a masterpiece and those who want to just lie on the beach will surely find their “Place in the sun.” Here is an overview of the Top 15 Best Cities to Visit in Italy.

15. Padua

Padua is a small Italian town with a real treasury of architectural masterpiece that is surrounded by magnificent nature. People settle are here from the 10th century BC. In this era of ancient Rome, This area was inhabited by tribes of Venets, which came to the name of the whole region of Italy. In Padua, there will be something amazing to occupy yourself with enthusiastic art lovers of the Renaissance. The entire Skrovegni chapel was painted with frescoes of genius and talented Giotto. The amazing architecture of the old buildings of the University of Padua is a classic example of the style of construction in the style of early Renaissance. In addition to these Padua will be also interesting to the active tourist. Because there are almost 75km of hiking and cycling trails are located within this picturesque park of Euganean Hills.

14. Siena

Picturesque Siena was one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It was located in the blessed land of Tuscany a unique gastronomic region, Where many Italian delicacies and dozens of excellent wines are come from here. Sienna is surrounded by a fertile landscape. Which of their are exclusivity has been taken under the protection of UNESCO. The Palazzo, streets, ancient temples, and squares of the city, that’s a centuries-old history frozen in the stone. Since the middle ages of Siena, the Palio horse racing was also held. Until now they will go through the ritual that was established several centuries ago. This event annually attracted a huge number of tourists to this city. Who will fill the entire free space of Piazza del Campo? An excursion of Siena was also included one of the most tourist routes on which “package travelers” would be taken. Independent tourists are also happy to come to this amazing island of the middle ages, That’s has retained its unique flavor.

13. Catania

The whole history of Catania took a shape in the shadow of the majestic and Formidable volcano Etna. The mountain was like an omnipotent deity, rises above the city and does not forget about how many mortals were everything created by a man. Several times the city was turned into ruins due to its earthquake ut again rose from the ashes like be an immortal phoenix. Catania was an ideal place not only for the lovers of colorful Italian provinces but also for the lovers of the great magnificent Baroque. Almost all city buildings were erected in this manner because of which the street and square of Catania will give the impression of integrity and unity of the style.

12. Rimini

Since 19th century, the center of Emilia Romagna region is a city of Rimini well known as a resort on the Adriatic Coast, that are equally attractive for Italians as well as tourist from other European countries. That history dates back to pre-Roman items although the official date of foundation was considered to be 268 BC. In the region of Emilia Romagna, there are several famous people who were born, who have made Italy famous for all over the world designer Alberta, Tenor Luciano Pavarotti, incomparable composer Giuseppe, and director Federico Fellini. In Rimini, there are also several historical heritage of different eras that have also preserved. Nowadays tourists can also admire the Roman arch of Emperor Augustus, the Palazzo of Cavour square, and the works of art to the city museum.

11. Turin

Turin was growing out from a small city of a Roman colony. In the CX century, the city was ruled by a Dukes of Savoy, after one of the victory moments for the unification of Italy. It was 4 years of the capital of the Italian Kingdom. During the reign of the Savoy dynasty in Turin, There were such masterpieces of architecture as Villa Della Regina, Palazzo Reale, and Castle Valentino. In the 15th to 18th centuries the picturesque temples were erected, which is now adorned to the historic quarters of the city. In Turin, there is also one of the best Egyptian museums of culture in the world where the shroud of christ Jesus himself and magnificent automobiles collection of rare cars.

10. Bologna

Among the picturesque hills of Padan Plain in the blessed region of Emilia Romagna, Bologna that is located is one of the most prosperous Italian cities. The culinary capital of the country and birthplace is one of the oldest European universities. The historic city of Bologna was full of Quarters, temples, and churches that are erecting during the Early middle ages of well preserved due to timely reconstruction. History of itself was created in Bologna, whose secrets have been carefully kept here in many centuries.

9. Verona

Ancient and romantic Verona is a city where the great heritage of the roman empire and lost poetry of the Italian Middle ages are preserved. Antique amphitheaters are still gathered hundreds of spectators during their theaters festival and in Romanesque churches of the 6th to 10th centuries services are in the Past. Time on the streets of Verona has a long stopped. It will seem that is noble families are still live in the houses of the 13th century. Capulet and Montecchi continue their century of old vendetta and a beautiful Juliet is about to go out on her balcony to tell that a star and moon about their love of Young Romeo. Verona is an important and most famous tourist attraction center in Italy. The beauty of natural landscapes and urban architecture that attracts millions of tourist from all over the world. The beautiful Love story that is invented by Shakespeare will attract enthusiastic couples in a magnet.

8. Genoa

Genoa is one of the largest northern ports of Italy and a center resort life of the Ligurian coast. Already from the 10th to 11th centuries. The Republic of Genoa was held its hands on the best maritime routes of the Mediterranean, Thus are supplanting even mightly of Venice. In Genoa, one of the famous Christopher Columbus was born an explorer, a navigator, and a discoverer of the American continent. His house will be also seen with your own eyes while you visiting the genoa in one of the city streets. In the capital of Liguria, the incomparable Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi was spent a lot of his time in Genoa. Genoa is a place where the good beach of a holiday can be also combined with long recreational and active excursions. You will need to come to the Ligurian coast for ancient architecture, magnificent climate, and leisurely flow of time.

7. Palermo

The sultry Sicily was washed by the gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea are an ancient land with cultural traditions and rich history of great civilizations. It was also visited by the Normans, Romans, Powerful knight orders, and Moors. The capital of Palermo was considered to be a real gem of an island, flowering gardens, a city of contrast, strong family traditions, and ancient architecture. In Palermo, there is such an abundance of historical monuments of the early middle ages. That are on wonders of how the would-be stand such of a long time. Christian churches, Moorish palaces, that are converted from villas, mosques drowning in greenery to adorn city streets and will give Palermo a unique look.

6. Pisa

The small Italian city of Pisa was become famous for his throughout the world for its leaning tower. Almost all organized tours of Italy have also included a visit to these unusual attractions. Which are for centuries has been in danger of falling and it was held only thanks to this constant work to strengthen it. The leaning tower of Pisa was located in the Piazza Dei Miracoli that is known as the Square of Miracles. Here is a few more architectural masterpiece. The ensemble of this square was listed on a UNESCO. There are several other equally picturesque and interesting places in Pisa.

5. Milan

Milan is a locomotive of the Italian economy, the city with an ancient history and a trendsetter of European Fashion. On this territory of Romans, Gauls, Lombards, Goths, and Franks are left their traces. Several Milanese cathedrals were founded in the first centuries of our era. In the middle ages of the city flourished under the rule of the ruling Sforza dynasty and blessed seeds of Renaissance-era will give their Generous fruits on the lands of Langobardia. Milan is well known worldwide as the capital of Fashion. There are more than 10 thousand tourists are come here to attend fashion shows. Where you will enjoy the sound of the best opera voices.

4. Naples

The expressive and colorful Naples are causes of mixed feelings. The magnificent cathedrals and palaces of Neapolitan kings were stand by side with a poor city block by the rights colors of the city streets. That gives away to peeling tiles of dilapidated houses. The Neapolitans are themselves hot-tempered emotional people and not loving too much troubling themselves with unnecessary worries. Yet Naples was also a real architectural delight and an inexorable to the power of history. The city has absorbed the history of entire eras and now it was ready to share it with everyone. The excellent wine and local cuisine will attract here not only foreigners. But even Italians from all over the other parts of the country.

3. Florence

Florence is an embodiment of the spirit of the Renaissance. The city is an architectural masterpiece and a birthplace of great creators. Who were forever imprinted to their names in the memory of mankind. Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo, Benvenuto Cellini, Leonardo da Vinci, and Niccolo Donatello are brilliant maters who lived. That is created their immortal masterpieces in Florence. The whole city was surrounded by the magnificent landscape of Tuscany. Which are the best works of art exhibited in Florentine museums and several opera singers perform in the medieval square.

2. Venice

Venice is Glorified in the works of great poets, sophisticated. It is a city of illusions and graceful contrasts. Behind the magnificent facades of mark’s square and doge’s palace are very shabby. Their moist eaten to neighborhoods, the sparkling masks of the vibrant Venice carnival hide the gloomy and sometimes it was difficult to everybody reality of the locals. There are the most beautiful arrays and canals of Venice that are lined with stunning palaces, churches, and buildings. The Piazza San Marco and the grand canal of Venice are two of the most visited sights in the hole of Venice. This city is very crowded with tourists from all around the world. The aim to visit this city is during February for the city’s most amazing costume filled carnival.

1. Rome

Rome is one of the special places among all the European capitals. That is a very symbolic city also known as a source city. Where western civilization was born. The most powerful Roman empire that is subjugated the entire Mediterranean began precisely here. On the banks of the popular Tiber river. The cultural and historical heritage of Roman is priceless here at every step of the tourist. That is waiting for the cultural and architectural masterpieces. Therefore Rome is one of the Best Cities to Visit in Italy. In Rome, there are lots of fantastic cafes, restaurants, bars, and shopping centers.

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