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Top 15 Tourist Attractions in China

China will hide more secrets and beauty than it seems to be at first glance. That is only a country of high developed megacities and technology but also an amazing embodiment of culture, traditions, and love of nature. In shanghai you should definitely take a walk along the bund to see the forbidden city, enjoy the light show, You need to see Victoria bay and go up to the observation deck in the New Pudong district. Here is an overview of the Top 15 Tourist Attractions in China.

The great wall of china was not be ignored. In addition to her, the country was amazing temples, palaces, and monasteries. In China, there are also magical gardens, where the time will stands. There are also the Greatest monuments of Chinese religion are Longmen Cave Temple and Yungang cave Grottoes. The terracotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is impressive.

The fantastic place of Zhangjjajje National Park will take you to another reality. The rice terraces embody was the human ability to use the gifts of Nature. It has no less beautiful place is in the Reed Flute cave and be sure to look at the Pandas in China. They are special here.

15. Huangshan Mountains

Huangshan Mountains was located in Anhui province in eastern China. The Huangshan Mountains was also in UNESCO world heritage site and are one of the most popular tourist attraction in China. The height of 78 peaks was exceeded to 1010m. The rocks are covered with a pine tree. In the area of Yellow mountains, they are also called. There are 2 lakes, 16 thermal springs, 3 waterfalls, and 25 streams, On the top of the mountains there are also hotels for tourists and for climbing, there are also Paths and Funicular.

14. Tiger Leaping Gorge

The gorge of Leaping tiger was a canyon in the Sino Tibetan mountains on the Yangtze River. It stretched for 16km, in a place where the mountains have reached a height of 2010 meters. This attracts was rafting enthusiasts. The Gorge was got its name because of tiger jumping and legend over the river. Nashi people were living here in this area. Who grow corps and provide services to the visitor. The scenery was in these places is magnificent.

13. Shilin Stone Forest

This area is 380 km². It was formed 210 Million years ago at the bottom of the ancient sea, which became shallow. The park was called a stone forest park because of rocks, whose height will be reached at 45 meters. This park was divided into 7 zones on the territory of which the meadows, stone garden, lakes, grottoes, waterfalls, and caves. There is also a torch festival that was held here annually.

12. Reed Flute Cave

In Gulin, there is a Guangmingshan, overgrown with reeds. There is a fabulous rock that is called Reed Flute Cave. It was created by the ocean leaving behind the amazing form of Crevice. That is the largest karst cave in China. It is a length of 550 meters. Stalactites, stalagmites that take an underground lake was illuminated in a multi-colored Garland. Inside a cave, there is a beautiful park with a bench, where you can relax.

11. Yungang Grottoes

Yungang Grottoes was a complex of 253 man-made cave, which is located in 18km from the city of Datong. There are created 52 thousand images of the great Buddha. The highest buddha was reached up to 19 meters in the height. All the Grottoes were stretch of one kilometer. In addition to statues, they contain Buddhist ornaments, scenes, sculptures of Apsara. That is one of the largest cave complexes in the whole world.

10. Jiuzhaigou

The place of a multi-level waterfall and fabulous colorful lakes is in the Jiuzhaigou National Park It was located in Sichuan is in Northern China. This park was created in a valley with over 9 villages in which Qiang and Tibetan people were lived. Jiuzhaigou has also consisted of three valleys. In them, you can see the broad-leaved forests with an amazing waterfall, fauna, lakes, and rivers of incredible beauty.

9. Pudong Skyline

It is a large area in shanghai that was beginning to develop in the 1979s. Its area is 522.9 km²n and its population is 2Million. Pudong has become the financial and business center of China. On this territory, there are several recognizable structures. Among them is a Jinmao skyscraper and its height is about 425 meters. They have also built one of the tallest hotels in the world. Which is called “Grand High Shanghai” and has an observation deck.

8. Hani Rice Terraces

This man-made agricultural miracle was occupied by 17.5 thousand hectares in the southern part of Yunnan. The mountains were on the slopes of which they created a terrace that is called an Ailo and a river was called a Yellow river. River terraces was a self-cleaning system. The soil on which the rice was grows it was not washed out by water. Created terraces that are already 1310 years old the Hani people. They were looking especially magical in spring when they were flooded with water.

7. Leshan Giant Buddha

This statue was carved into the rock of Lingyushan Mountain on the bank’s river. The height of this Giant Buddha was about 72m. It was one of the tallest and oldest statues in the world. For 1010 years she has been a leader among giant statues. Buddha’s heads were turned towards the sacred mountain of Emeishan. The creation of this statue was lasted 605 years and was began in 715. Tourists will like to climb the giant’s fingers of 1.8m long.

6. Li River Cruise

It is one of the cleanest rivers in China. The length of this “silk Ribbon” is about 430km. It stretched through the rocks and hills, shrouded in haze. This river landscape was inspired by several artists and poets. On this river banks is one of the most beautiful and largest karsts of rocks. During the trip along the river, the tourist will see the town of sniping, see the buffalo Gorge, the picturesque mountains of “nine horseshoes”, the raven cave, and a Yellow canvas.

5. Terracotta Army

At 13, The Qin Shi Huang began to build a tomb. After the persuasion of advisers, the ruler was departed from the tradition of buying a living army with him and it was decided to replace it with a clay one. In 1973, Peasants has discovered a tomb with millions of statues with soldiers. All figures have a different face and clothing was made in detail. It took 39 years and one life was to create the tomb. The treasures and living concubines were buried with a ruler.

4. Victoria Harbour

It was a nature created harbor between Kowloon and Hong Kong island. She became an important strategic object in a center of trade. Victoria bay is one of the popular tourist destinations in China. It was also hosting an annual firework, as works as a sound show and light show also recorded in the Guinness Book of World record. It was created by flashes, lasers, lights, and spotlights. You can look at it for free.

3. Forbidden City

The forbidden city was located in the center of Beijing. According to the astronomers who determined this place of construction it was standing in the center of Globe. This is one of the largest complex palaces in the world. They are in this city it was 725m² thousand. After its creation was in 1405 to 1420, The rule of this 24 emperor of Qing and Ming dynasties was there. Nobody would get here too curious were punished with the death penalty. Now this forbidden city was open for tourists.

2. Potala Palace

This is a beautiful royal palace and one of the famous center of Buddhism. This palace was located in Lhasa. The first building of this palace was built by the king of Tibet Songtsen Gampo in 636 on this place where was he meditated. Then the king decided to make the city capital and marry, therefore he was built this huge palace. It almost did not survive. The modern complex of the palace was built by a Dalai Lama, which is located on a hilltop of 3750meters high and surrounded by a valley.

1. Great Wall of China

This Fortress began to built-in 220s BC to protect it against nomadic tribes by order of Emperor QinShi Huang. China was achieved incredible flourished and power. The length of the wall from edge to edge is 2550km and if you can take into account that all the branches and bends to the figure will be an increase of 8952km. About one of the million people will take part in creating the most grandiose fortress. There are more than 10 thousand people were died and were walled up on these walls. Therefore the Great Wall of China is one of the most popular Tourist Attractions in China.

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