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Top 20 Tourist Attractions in Brazil

The federative republic of Brazil is a hospitable country that will attract millions of tourists every year from all over the world. The climatic conditions will allow you to come here all year-round, but brazil is experiencing a real tourist boom on the eve of Easter. When the famous annual carnival was held here in Rio De Janeiro. Brazil was also renowned for its picturesque nature, original local cuisine, and noisy white sand beaches. This country is worth visiting amazing amazon, The sandy Lencois marcheses, the marshy Pantanal, and several other national parks where you can see the giant anaconda and also go fishing for piranha. Here is an overview of the Top 20 Tourist Attractions in Brazil.

Since brazil was used to engage in the slave trade in some cities. Such a Goias, Ouro Preto, Diamantina, Sao Luis, and an Olinda. The colonial architecture was preserved to be almost in its original form among the variety of Brazilian cuisine, which is worthwhile to be a highlight in unusual assortment feijoada, tutu beans, and mashed meat marinated sarapatel liver and the jerky came to do so

19. Caracol Falls

The very popular Caracol waterfall. That offers unusually beautiful views of the surrounding landscape located 8km from the city of Canela. There is an observation deck for tourists equipped with an elevator built at a short distance from this waterfall. There are also cafes and souvenir shops.

18. Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis

In 1982, five Jesuit missions of the 17th to 18th centuries were inscribed on the UNESCO List. These reduction missions, which are mini-cities with all of the accompanying infrastructure, were built to convert this local tribe into a particular guarani Indians to Catholicism.

17. Copacabana Beach

The world’s most famous Copacabana beach was located in Rio De Janeiro. This 4 km beach recreation area has been used more than once as a concert venue. Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, Rod Stewart, and Mick Jagger are performed here. There are several coastal hotels, casinos, cafes, and discos that make your holiday in Kapakaban genuinely unforgettable.

16. Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park was located in the center of the country just a few kilometers from the capital of Brazil. It was created in 1962, and 2001 was on the UNESCO list. You can only be moved around in this park on foot, but there are more than offset by a beautiful landscape. There are several waterfalls and canyons.

15. Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses

It was located in the northeast of the country. The Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses was founded in 1980. There are more than 1550 km² of the park was occupied by fantastic dunes, Whose heights are about 41m. After rains, the waters form lagoons that were suitable for swimming. Entrance to this park was free, The sandboard and rental bike will also be available here in this park.

14. Maracana

Maracana is one of the most spacious stadia in the whole of Brazil. Whose construction is completed in 1964. It was officially called Mario Fjho in honor of a famous Brazilian sports journalist. This stadium was created as a result of the joint work of 7 of the best architects, and in 1981 John Paul II was served here.

13. Amazon Rainforest

The rainforest surrounded by the amazon river is over 56 million years old. There are a considerable number of insects, animals, and birds are lived here. Tourists from all over the world will come here to see the local aboriginal people canoe in the moonlight to catch a couple of Piranhas.

12. Salvador Beaches

El Salvador is a colorful town and homeland of the Brazilian martial art of capoeira. Once a Salvador was a slave port, but today it was a popular beach resort. Salvador will also offer its tourists about 21 equipped beaches with a length of more than 42km. Every morning Capoeira masters will perform at Pelourinho Square.

11. Pantanal

This is one of the world’s most extensive wetlands. There is a wetland which is reserve for a giant butterfly, animals, and rare birds are also lived here. One of the most visited cities of Pantanal is curable, and here you can book an excursion. In addition to these, the usual entertainment in Pantanal and you can go fishing in piranhas or take part in a night boat safari.

10. Rio Carnival

Every year in February, Rio de Janeiro has received millions of tourists. Who are eager to get the famous Brazilian carnival. The highlight of this carnival is a parade of Samba schools for which is the performers have been preparing for many months before the festival. For every tourist who wanna visit this four-day carnival all of the tourists should pre-book a hotel.

9. Historic Center of Olinda

This foundation of the city of Olindathat has located in the northeast of the country, which is laid back to you in the 16th century. Portuguese colonialists buildings are a historic center that dates back to you in the 18th century and also be considered one of the best-preserved examples for the first settlement period. Since 1980, the historic center of Olinda has been inscribed on the UNESCO list.

8. Salvador Beaches

Salvador was the capital of the state of Bahia and also an attractive town. El Salvador is a colorful city and also the birthplace of the Brazilian capoeira martial arts. Once Salvador was a slave port, but nowadays, it is one of the famous tourist beach resorts. Salvador also offers tourists about 25 equipped beaches with a length of more than 45km. Every evening capoeira masters perform at the Pelourinho square.

7. Amazon Theater

There is a vivid representative of eclecticism, a theatrical opera house of amazon was opened in 1895 in the city of Manaus. This building was erected in the money of wealthy “rubber magnets,” but it is overtime. When this city became impoverished, this theater was fell into disrepair. The restoration work was 1991 returned the building of former beauty, and nowadays, this theater again gave its performance.

6. Fernando de Noronha

This is a unique ecosystem of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago since a UNESCO world heritage of humanity has declared in 2002. Also, thanks to a well thought out infrastructure of all of these, 23 islands of the archipelago are to be considered a high-class center of an ecosystem which a population is about 4,000. You can also go diving and surfing here.

5. Ouro Preto

It is one of the best-preserved Brazil’s colonial towns. The meaning of the city in “black gold,” This old picturesque town was founded in 1709. In the 17th and 18 centuries, gold was also mined here. Which is contributed to the rapid development of the city. Gold mining ceased was at the end of the 19th century, and then it has become desolate. There are also several beautiful preserved architectural examples of the colonial baroque. This city was also is in listed by UNESCO.

4. National Park of Serra da Capivara

I am one of Brazil’s first national parks. This park was created to protect Itaimbezinho. This park is also one of the most impressive canyons in the whole of brazil. A UNESCO occupies the northeast of the brazil protected national park. The territory of these parks was exceeded to about 122 thousand hectares. The park is valued primarily for its unique cave paintings dating from the 15 century BC. In this park, there is 66 archaeological zones are opened in which 18 hiking trails are lead.

3. Christ the Redeemer

It is a famous statue of Jesus Christ that is located on the top peaks of Rio de Janeiro, which is about 750 meters in Corcovado mountain. This one of the new seven wonders of the world is a monument of Christ savior. This one of the visiting cards of the city is a popular tourist attraction place in Rio de Janeiro. This monument was open in 1932, and in 1966 Pope VI reconstructed this statue of Christ.

2. Ipanema Beach

Save and famous, that’s is how an Ipanema Beach can be described. There are small waves that prevail here, which is makes swimming quite calm. The beach cafes sell a variety of fruit, sandwiches, ice cream, and drinks. The houses, hotels, and shops surrounding this beach are considered to be the most expansive in Rio de Janerio.

1. Iguazu Falls

It is one of the greatest natural wonders in the world. This river complex falls located on the border of Brazil with Argentina. This waterfall has consisted of a system of about 278 falls along the rivers of Iguazu. To enjoy the full beauty of these waterfalls, all of the tourists also take a sightseeing tour not only on your foot or by cycle or car but also by boat and helicopter. The UNESCO also protected this unique local ecosystem.

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