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Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Munich

The capital of Bavaria the city of Munich is not inferior in popularity among tourists to cologne and Berlin. Not only huge numbers of architectural monuments are concentrated here but also most interesting events are taking place. Among which the central place belongs to immortal beer festival Oktoberfest. In addition One of the major European opera festivals has been here since 1874. Walking through the ornate city squares and breathing in the atmosphere of Christmas, visiting the grandiose Bavarian castles and plunging headlong into a raid through old German restaurants. All this can be done by a tourist who goes to Munich. In addition, the capital of Bavaria is a very prosperous city. This is a perfect place for quality shopping.

12. Olympic Park

In 1972 Munich was hosted the next summer Olympic. Since then there has been park territory with Olympic facilities. Which are local residents use for recreation and walks. The former facilities are used as sports training bases, Major cultural and social events are still held here. It should be noted that largely thanks to the Games. The city was transformed and became more comfortable.

11. Munich Zoo

This zoo is considered one of the best zoos in whole Europe. Like many modern zoos, It was built on the principle of a natural park. Thats conditions are created for animals as close as possible to natural ones. This biological diversity of Hellabarun is impressive more than 760 animal species and about 21 thousand individuals. This zoo is popular with over 2.8 million visitors annually.

10. Viktualienmarkt

The central city market, a real paradise for gourmets and connoisseurs of excellent products. There are approximately 145 retail shops that have been owned by the same families for several years. The market place is inherited. At Viktualienmarkt mainly wealthy Munich tourists and residents are naught. Since the prices of the product here at Viktualienmarkt is very high. Moreover, the products here are always of excellent quality.

9. Alte Pinakothek

The collective name of a group of art museums and galleries. Which are houses a collection of painting from the 14t century to modern times, as well as collections of modern and applied art. The Old Pinakothek houses were expositions of masters of the 14th to 18th centuries. In Novaya, you can look at the works of art in the 19th to 20th centuries. The collections of XX-XX I centuries are exhibited in Pinakothek of the present.

8. Deutsches Museum

A unique museum that is displaying the achievements of German Science and technology. The expositions are located on six thematic tiers, shipping, oil, gas, hydraulic engineering, mining, power machines, and trackless transport. This museum contains unique pieces of equipment, the only ones that are survived. It is not destroyed at the request of various countries after two world wars.

7. Munich Residenz

The complex of buildings was located in the central part of Munich. Which is considered one of the largest in whole Europe. It was built over 5 centuries and was finally completed only in the 19th century. The Munich Residence is an official residence of Bavarian rulers from the Wittelsbach dynasty. It includes a museum that is occupying more than 110 halls, 11 Palaces, a concert hall, and a theater.

6. BMW Welt

BMW is famous for its fast cars and motorcycles. Bavaria is the birthplace of the world-famous BMW car. It was here that the first aircraft factories were located here. Which after world war I were retained into automobiles. This is how a recognizable brand appeared. In this museum, you can see the company’s products since its inception. Many rare and interesting retro models of the last century are still exhibited there.

5. Nymphenburg Palace

The palace complex, which is founded in the second half of the 17th century. It was used as the seat of the ancient Bavarian Wittelsbach dynasty. The park was surrounding the palace building is spread over an area of 210 hectares. The splendor and beauty of the interior decoration of Nymphenburg and can be compared with the legendry “fairytale” castle Neuschwanstein. The part of the palace that was closed for tourists is still inhabited by the descendants of Wittelsbachs.

4. Munich Frauenkirche

Munich Catholic Cathedral with the main tower of 99 meters high. According to city law, it is prohibited to erect buildings from above the Frauenkirche. This is a temporary decision adopted in 2004 by a popular vote. They worked on the construction of temples in the 15th century. It was supposed that it would accommodate 21 thousand parishioners. Although the population of the city in those centuries was only 14 thousand people.

3. Hofbrauhaus

One of the oldest beer restaurants, Opening its first doors to first visitors in the middle of the 17th century. At first, the court was a brewery that is located here. The large halls of institutions can simultaneously accommodate up to 5 thousand visitors. Hofbrauhaus has a flexible pricing policy. So every tourist can afford to try different types of excellent beer and enjoy German Cuisine.

2. Englischer Garten

One of the city popular park among the local residents. Which is visited by millions of people every year. In this park, you can ride a bicycle and a board in specially designated areas, as well as order a horse ride or just walk. The park stretches from the center to the northern part of Munich for 5.7Km. In summer many lawns are filled with people they sunbathe, have picnics, or simply doze under the shade of trees.

1. Marienplatz

The central square of Munich, where any tourist route inevitably leads. In the middle ages, Knightly tournaments are held here and a fish market is worked. Marienplatz has been the main square since the city was founded. The most significant sight are shops, popular restaurants, and a grocery market that is located here. The square is always lively and quite crowded.

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