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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Slovenia

Slovenia was a small central European country, that attracts tourists with its abundance of medieval churches and castles. The old cities will surprise a variety of architectural styles ranging from rough Romanesque to an elegant Rococo. Slovenes are very careful with all of this country’s old buildings that are trying to preserve the atmosphere of the ancient heritage. The uniqueness of the local nature was in contrast, without leaving the country, You can also soak up the beach of the Adriatic Sea, and after a couple of hours, you can also ski on an alpine slope. Also, nowhere else will be in Europe can one find such an abundance of unique karst rocks that are from interesting natural monuments. Here is an overview of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Slovenia.

People here will come to see the improvement of health both physical and mental. Renewed of its thermal springs, Slovenia has attracted tourists with professional healing resorts. The protected area will be also formed on a territory of a country that preserves the picturesque landscapes of crystal clear glacial lakes, lush alpine meadows are in their original form, and inaccessible waterfalls.

10. Logar Valley

Logar valley was protected by a natural area cordoned off by mountain peaks of stretches of 9 km to the north of Slovenia. In Logar Valley, Suchica, Palenque, and Suchica waterfall were also located in this valley. There is a selection of tourists that are offered a lot of sports entertainment. In these reserves, you can go to Kayaking jump with a parachute of a master climbing. In the southeast of the valley, you can go to visit the Kiemench cave.

9. Vintgar Gorge

The mountain river of Radovna has formed an interesting alpine corner of 4.5 kilometers from the Lake Belt. The Vintgar canyon is until 1892 was impassable. While Jacob together with a cartographer Lergetporeromne explored an unknown place. On the way through the picturesque gorge, you can admire the several rapids and whirlpools. The path was laid through the wooden walkways leading directly to the 19meters high “Shum” waterfalls.

8. Lake Bohinj

It is none of the largest lakes in Slovenia, that belongs to a protected area of a Triglav. The area of Bohini has attracted seekers of active water recreation for those who wish to swim on a transparent surface of a reservoir. Savica has flowed from the lake of a small river forming nearby to a noisy waterfall. On the whore where you can also find a statue of Chamois Zlatorong and look into a Church of St. John Baptist.

7. Kranj

Kranj was surrounded by mountain peaks on all sides to the city of Kranj that attracts extremals more and more with its high mountain plumb lines and turbulent rivers. And lovers of contemplation of standing with a picturesque landscape and buildings for centuries. The city of Kranj has preserved an elegant architecture that combines several ponds and styles that pacify their tranquility.

6. Piran

The Slovenian resort in the town is washed by this Adriatic sea, which is saturated with an Italian atmosphere. The local “Little Venice” attracted tourists with its medieval flavor. The lack of modern buildings was contributed to securing the status of the museum city of Piran. Ancient architectural monuments are scattered everywhere among them a monuments violinist Tartini and a church with a tower, That offers a breathtaking view of the city.

5. Soca Valley

The river takes with its sources in the valley of Trent and descending through the Julian Alps that flows over into an Adriatic sea in Italy. Due to the unusual color, the locals nicknamed the alpine river “Emerald Beauty”. The impeccable crystal clear clean water of Sochi has become the home of rare marble trout and several other fish that attracts fishermen. The fame of the river was also brought by a Solkan record-breaking railway bridge.

4. Idrija

To find of the local peasant, who is discovered glimpses of mercury in water from the well gave an impetus to the creation of a mining town on a site of former farms. The most popular places were in the industrial corner of Slovenia are the mercury mines and the best technical museum was sheltered in a Heverkeng castle. Idrija was also famous for his unusual juniper vodka and lace.

3. Triglav National Park

One of the points of the Slovenian Alps. The Triglav was given a name to its nature reserve in the northwest of the country. There is a strict security regime that does not allow the tourist to give a preserving, construction of pristine local beauty. This protected area attracted skiing and hiking on the diverse mountain slopes. In the summer months that will be delightful sports enthusiasts with hydrospeed, rafting and other types of water are extreme sports.

2. Lake Bled

This pond was located among mountain peaks in the northwest of Slovenia. It was the main tourist attraction only on this island with the Assumption of Chapel. A bell of desires was surrounded by his legends who are placed there. You can only see the picturesque beauty of the mountain of the lake from the surface of water moving on special wicker boats.

1. Ljubljana

The old part of the capitals of Slovenia was located on the right bank of Ljubljana. You can also enjoy the beautiful architecture of the famous castle of Ljubljana castle. The upper squares and present were attracting an atmosphere of Middle ages and a famous dragon was decorated bridges of Joze Plecnik delight tourists with its originality. Ljubljana is one of the most popular Tourist Attractions in Slovenia.

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