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Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Beautiful Nature, impressive religious buildings, clean beaches, original locals cuisine, and cheap shopping are far from a complete list of reasons why tourists from all over the world will visit the kingdom of Thailand. For a comfortable family holiday, the beach resort of Phuket, Samui, Krabi, and Hua Hin is very suitable. Sand and water here are spacious and clean hotels that offer their visit to a unique entertainment program and a children’s menu. Fans of several activities are also find something unique to do in Thailand. In this territory of the country, you can go water skiing, go to windsurfing, go to mountains, and diving to play golf or hang gilding. Here are the Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Thailand.

You can not see only animals in Thailand’s zoo. Crocodile and snake farms, Tiger reserves, butterfly gardens, and elephant villages all are at these places to demonstrate even in the wild animals that can be very friendly.

Thai cuisine is characterized by a mixture of culinary styles of Burma, Malaysia, Laos, and China. Several dishes are characterized by increased severity. Many hotels are offering Thai courses for everyone, who will enjoy the originality of Thai dishes upon returning home.

15. Koh Tapu – Khao Phing Kan

Almost every tourist in Thailand was trying to visit this small limestone island of Koh Tapu, which is located on the Phang Nga Bay. Its extraordinary popularity gained this island after the release of the James bond adventure film. A visit to the Koh tapu was also included in a tour of Phang Nga Bay.

14. Lumphini Park

At the beginning of the 20th-century king, Rama VI was issued a decree establishing this park. For Lumphini Park as this place was subsequently called the territory of 58 hectares that are used and personally owned by the king. Now there are equipped places of a library, street exercise machines, tennis, playgrounds, treadmills, and from January to April in this park, and you can also dance to the performance of the symphony orchestra.

13. Wat Rong Khun – White Temple

This unusually beautiful white temple was also called a Wat Rong Khun, It was located in the city of Chiang Rai to the north of the country. An artist conceived this building of Chalermchay Kositpipat, and his funds implemented that in 1998. In the 2014 earthquake, mostly part of Wat Rong Khun was destroyed, and his restoration work was started in the temple to reconstruct the building.

12. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

It is about 250 hectares occupied by this Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, which is located near Pattaya. In 1979 this garden was open for all visitors. In the garden, there are particular areas of butterflies, orchids, aquatic plants, cacti, bonsai, birds, and even for the installations from the flower of pots. Pupils of the local elephant are farm to know how to play football, dance, darts, draw, and basketball.

11. Pattaya Elephant Village

In the 70s of the 20th century, there is a private elephant reserve created in Pattaya, Where sick and old animals were identified. This elephant’s village was located near the city center, and the entry price was varies depending on the program of the visit. Here you can also watch a fantastic show that is performed by the elephant’s ride and feed them as well as watch the feeding and bathing of these huge animals.

10. Big Buddha Phuket

The temple complex was in the form of a seated Buddha, which is one of Phuket’s most notable tourist attractions place. For almost everywhere on the island, you can see the statue of the big buddha as the Thais were themselves call of this building. Here you can not also visit this existing temple but also be admiring the beautiful panorama of the city below.

9. Erawan Falls

The seven cascade Erawan waterfalls were located here in the west of Thailand in the territory of the national park of the same name. Picnics are often would be held at the first two cascades of the Erawan, but it would be forbidden to bring drinks and food above. There is a particular route has been laid out for the exploring of this waterfalls and several other guesthouses that are awaiting for tourist while wishing to spend a whole day and night in this national park.

8. Floating Markets Pattaya

A rather noisy and Picturesque place is a floating market in Pattaya. The type of trade is traditional for this, but for tourists, it will be a curiosity. Both buyers and sellers can be made for deals while boating. Pavilions with goods are still located on wooden and stilts flooring that are used as sidewalks.

7. Khao Yai National Park

This is the first national park created in the kingdom of Thailand. It was opened in 1961 in the north wast of the country and covered a massive area of more than 205 hectares. In this park there are Elephants, Tigers, wild pigs, bears, and Gibbons will also live here in this park. For tourists among several entertainments, night safaris along Khao Yai are possible.

6. Sukhothai Historical Park

Since 1237, when the Khmer village was located in these places, then the ancient city history of Sukhothai began. The heyday of the city came in the 13th to 14th century. When Sukhothai was the capital of the kingdom of the same name as Sukhothai. The main local’s attraction here is a huge buddha statue and Wat Mahathat Temple, which are located here in Wat Si Chum.

5. Chatuchak Market

It is one of Thailand’s most popular destinations in Chatuchak’s huge Bangkok Market. Here you can buy the dishes, national clothes, ceramic, paintings, metal, glassware, leather, as well as antiques, even animals and silk. It is better to plan a visit to Chatuchak Market in the morning, but it would be best to leave valuable things and large sums of money for security reasons in the hotel safe.

4. Similan Islands

Since 1981 the islands of Similan archipelago have been declared on the territory of this national park. It is one of the best scuba diving sites in the world. The best time to visit this Similan island is from mid of January to the end of May. when the dry parts of the whole year last. The most convenient way to get to this park is by boat from the port of Tap Lamu.

3. Ayutthaya Historical Park

At a distance of 75 kilometers from Bangkok, there is a historic city of Ayuthaya. In the city of Ayuthaya, there are several Buddhist temple complexes. The largest of these Buddhist monasteries are Wat Na Phra Meru and Wat Rachaburana. In the very center of a city of the grand palace and Vang Luang. Where the royal family was lived in the 13th century.

2. Railay Beach

In the province of Krabi, there is a peninsula separated by cliffs from the rest of the land. Here is also the beaches of Railay. They are famous for their clean sand. These places are the best suited for a comfortable family vacation. The most popular beaches in this are Pra Nang and West Railay. Here you can also go rock climbing and snorkeling.

1. Phang Nga Bay

To the northeast of Phuket, there is Phang Nga Bay. That is a part of the national park. There are more than 110 picturesque islands that are located in the bay that attracts many tourists in Phang Nga Bay from all over the world to this bay. It is also one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Thailand. Here you can also see the canoe, mangroves in the bay, and visit the water built village of Ko Pagni.

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