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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ukraine

In Ukraine, there is various area of tourism that are developed. Although it is one of the largest and most popular countries in the whole of Europe. There is something special to see here in Ukraine that are lakes, steppes, mountains, rivers, and amazing cities. Alpine skiing is developing rapidly. The most popular are here is Yaremche, Dragobrat, Bukovel, and Slavske. That is known as throughout Europe. These tracks are diverse to the suitable for both professionals and beginners. The Sking in the Carpathians is not a justification for a sport it was a pleasure of the beauty of nature. Here is an overview of the top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ukraine.

This country has several ancient castles and fortresses. In Ukraine, you can also see the many luxurious monasteries and churches. The rich historical past conceals not only museums, parks, and monuments but also has an entire island. One of the best examples of the islands is Khortytsya. Ukraine is also rich in its opportunities. It provides several types of entertainment but also all of the tourists can enjoy the simply because of is an amazing ancient culture and beautiful cities.

10. Arboretum Sofiyivka

This stunning Arboretum was located in the northern part of the city of Uman. The whole area of this park is 181 hectares. There are more than two million tourists come to this park every year. This park was founded in 1798 by the Stanislav Pototsky in the honor of his loving wife. There are more than 2100 trees and bushes grow here, grottoes, waterfalls, lakes and a status that is created here in this park. This is a wonderfull man who made a miracle for unity with nature. The small planet was even named after this park.

9. Lutsk Castle

It is one of the largest, oldest and best-preserved castles in the whole Ukraine. This castle has the oldest building in Lutsk. That is founded in the 14th century. There are two departments in the castle. Which is surrounded by three-tier towers, that have several arches. This castle also included 5 museums. It was also a burial place of the Prince Lubart and many other Volyn princess. Every year there are annually festivals were held in this castle.

8. Babi Yar

It is a tract in the northwest of Kyiv with a cruel and tragic history. In this palace during world war II, there are more than 200-250 thousand people were shot mainly jews. In all of these, there are only 30 people were saved from this execution. all of the people were ordered to come to this place of execution with clothes, documents, valuables. They took it away and killed it. Monuments were erected for these victims.

7. Khreshchatyk Street

This is the main street not only in the capital but in the whole of Ukraine. This street length is about 1.4km. It was beginning to built-in the 19th century. The width of this street was 80 meters. On both sides of this street are three to four-story beautiful buildings. Among them are restaurants, banks, museums, cafes During world war II, This street was totally destroyed. It has to be restored again. On holidays and weekends, it becomes a pedestrian.

6. Ukrainian Carpathians

It is a part of the mountain system of eastern Carpathians. The prevailing height of these Carpathians is 900 to 1300 meters. One of the highest mountains is Hoverla which height is about 2065 meters. In these mountains, snow lies six months a year. The slopes of this Carpathians are covered with rivers, pine trees and cliffs that are a form of magical landscapes. Ukrainian Carpathians are shrouded in legends and retained their mysterious appearance. There are very rich flora and fauna that are many mineral springs.

5. Kiev Pechersk Lavra

This is one of the oldest Orthodox monasteries in Ukraine. It was founded in 1053 by the Monk Anthony, who is settled in this cave between the hills. The high Lavra Belltower is one of the highest points in the whole Kiev. This lavra height is 97.5 meters. There are several museums on this territory of Laurel. There is an interior extremely rich and beautifully decorated. The appearance of here is also very beautiful which is very popular with the tourists and the dungeons of Laurels.

4. Mariinsky Park

this park was laid in 1876 it is located in Kiev opposite the supreme council of Ukraine. The area of the park was about 9.9 hectares. It was created in the English style and then it supplemented to over 85 species of trees to grow on this territory. This park has fountains, a bridge of lovers, an observation deck and monuments. This park offers a stunning view of Dnieper. Also in this park, there are monuments that open the chestnuts symbol of the city of Kyiv.

3. Old Town of Lviv

Lviv is the so-called cultural center of Ukraine. Nowhere else is so-called that is color and atmosphere like in this storm city. It is an Architectural masterpiece, gothic churches and cozy streets here at every step. In this center of the old town Market square. Around it, there are museums, colorful houses with cafes and restaurants in the Ukrainian theme. In the center of this town hall, which is you climb up thats offers a beautiful view.

2. St. Sophia cathedral

The history of this temple complex dates gets back to the 11th century. In 1042, There are three-year construction of the Byzantine style temple ended. This cathedral was remaining an important religious and cultural center. The first library of Yaroslav the Wise, the house of metropolitan, a school, a bell tower and the gate of Zaborovsky that is founded on this territory. This cathedral has preserved 265km² of genuine mosaics and 3010 km² frescoes.

1. Tunnel of Love

This place of Ukrainian romance is a natural phenomenon. It was located on the railway track of the Rivne region. Here are the bushes and trees that are overgrown in the shape of a stretch and arch along the track of 5 km. Every year couples come here. They pass through this tunnel to make a wishes plant flower. Three times a day the train passes here and also the Japanese director filmed the film of “Klevan- The Tunnel of Love”. Therefore it is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Ukraine.

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