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Top 25 Tourist Attractions in USA

It is unlikely that there will be at least any other country in the world that can be compared to the United States of America in scale, because of there is a number of natural and man-made attraction that is diversity to the climatic zones and leisure opportunities. This is a very different country. It is one thing to go to the northern, rather harsh marine state and a quite another to sunny California, with its bustlings Los Angeles and picturesque beaches. In the USA you can also take a shopping tour of New York’s shops and wander through the untouched expanses of one of these national park. Here is an overview of the Top 25 Tourist Attractions in USA.

It was almost impossible to see all the features and beauties of the united states during your one trip. Only the trips to new york will take a month to explore it and you can also go to the popular tourist cities like las vegas and Miami your trips will definitely take a week. There is another highlight of the United States is a huge number of traditions to bring you this country by the numerous immigrants.

25. White House

This is an official residence of the American leader that needs no introduction. Thanks to this snow-white building, There is a white house in almost every country that becoming a synonym for power. This six-story mansion was build in an elegant and strict Palladian style in 1798. So All the US presidents were live there, only George Washington did not have time to live in this white house.

24. New York Central Station

The grand central and central station of new york was not only a historical monument but is also one of the oldest buildings in this city of Big apple. The total area of this station was reaches at least 20 km, It is almost the intricacies of paths and platforms that will easy to get lost. Which is located in the Manhattan central station, It is famous for its luxurious waiting room with arched windows and columns.

23. Museum Mile

This is also a part of the fifth avenue. Which are we already talked about earlier. This is a name that was given to this section of a street which is a length of about 1.8km we thanks a dozen museums that are located on this street. Here is also a famous metropolitan museum of the national academy. The museum of African art, the national museum of design, and several other museums are in this street.

22. Highway 66

This highway is known as the “Mother of all American roads”. Highway 66 has a length of at least forty-one thousand kilometers and will connect such major cities as Chicago and Los Angeles which are located in the different parts of the US. This highway has become a symbol of unity in America. It has a significant impact on the life of this country and it also helped in economic development.

21. Burning Maine Festival

Burning man or burning man that is “burning man” is an annual event that will take place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. It is an eight days event in which this desert turns into an exhibition of modern art and at the end of this event, a statue of a wooden man was also burned. It is customary to come here in the decorated cars and colorful costumes.

20. Mount Mckinley

There are not every tourist will be able to visit the attraction of mount Mckinley, which is except to admire the view of this from afar. Here we are talking about one of the highest peaks of North America that are located in Alaska. It is noteworthy that in the vicinity of Mount Mckinley. This is first explored by the Russian polar that is the first one to reach the top and also get the debate about who is the first to conquer this peak did not stop until now.

19. Moving Stones in Death Valley

This stone valley is a wonder of nature that still does not have any explanation. These valley stones are also known as sliding and creeping. You can also imagine huge boulders that slowly move along the bottom of a dried lake in this famous death valley which is leaving grooves behind them. where they crawl that why these stones, of course, do not to tell and the scientists are still have not been also able to establish for this sure.

18. Monument Valley

This is not only a landmark that is created by human hands but it is a natural masterpiece that is located in the territories of the states of Arizona and Utah. There is also an eponymous park and Navajo islands. Which attracts its tourist to the unusual landscapes. This valley not only surprising you to the movie about commercials and cowboys which is repeatedly shot here in this valley.

17. Hoover Dam

This dam is one of the most interesting and large scale hydraulic structures in the united states. It was standing in the black canyon which is at the bottom of the colorado river and became a cause of the formation of this reservoir. However, this dam was built in 1938 that is located in the vicinity of las vegas. So it will be easily possible to combine in the casino and visit this interesting place.

16. Fifth Avenue Street

In Manhattan, this street is considered to be one of the most fashionable, most expansive, most pathos, and of course one of the most famous streets in the whole world. It is just imagined that there is how many famous personalities are walked along the sidewalks of this street, they went into the cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. It is only a fifth street Avenue that is a countdown for all New York street.

15. Lincoln Memorial

This place was located in the center of Washington that is visited by at least eight million people every year. The slender of buildings with a lot of columns can serve as an example of classical antique architecture and the entrance of these visitors is greeted by Abraham Lincoln himself, who is the sixteenth president of the united states. There are also several legends are associated with this monument. Which guides are happy to tell you about this memorial.

14. Golden Gate Bridge

At once a time this suspension bridge in San Francisco is one of the longest in the whole world but now it is far away from the world record holders because it is built-in 1939. However, this golden gate still looked very harmoniously and respectable being a recognized business card of this city showing off on the photos and postcards.

13. Washington Monuments

It is a central Washington monument that is erected as a symbol of state power between the white house and the capital. There is also a granite obelisk with a height of at least 172 meters and a weight of about 93 tons is lined with beautiful Maryland marble. By the way, you can go to the top of this Washington monument by breaking 898 steps and an elevator.

12. Mount Rushmore

Yes, it was a very mountain in which the portraits of the four most famous US presidents are carved is Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson. These otherwise unremarkable mountains are located in South Dakota near the city of Keystone. The height of this bas relief is 19.6 meters. So the presidents are visible from afar.

11. Miami Beach

People who have not heard of Miami Beach Properly is known as one of the most popular resorts on the planet. It was located in the state of Florida, in suburbs of the Grand Miami, the Biscayne Bay separates this resort from the city of itself. Just you not that a Miami beach is a resort only for the rich, Its also known as the second name of “the island of Billionaires”. The apartments and rooms here are very expensive, but the beaches are gorgeous and the water here is clear.

10. Alaska

Alaska is the coldest and largest most sparsely populated US State. People from all over the world will come here to see the untouched nature of the north, visit museums, also try themselves as gold diggers and several other tourist attractions. There is a mandatory list of visitor that includes Denali National Park, where Mount McKinley and museums that are located on the north.

9. Hollywood Walk of Fame

It was in the corner of Los Angeles. Every year about 15 million tourists have come to see the palm of prints to the Hollywood stars left right on the sidewalk. Almost 3.5 thousand celebrities are located on the walk of fame. The collection has been replenished since 1959. The stars on the walk of fame are recognition of the outstanding achievements of an individual, his contribution to the American culture.

8. Yellowstone

Yellowstone national park was also in a UNESCO world heritage site which is a part of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. This Yellowstone was also known for its untouched nature, picturesque landscapes, geysers also a wealth of flora and fauna. Here you may also see the rivers, clear lakes, canyons, and unique caves. This park provided ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

7. Las Vegas

Las Vegas was situated in the midst of southern Nevada to the desert of the landscape. One of the best places to the lower few of thousand dollars in the Las Vegas casino. It is one of the brightest and noisiest American cities you will be easily signaled with its first-person you can easily come across to the drink whiskey and will be happy to help you to get rid of extra money. Just do not be carried away because you can stay here with absolutely nothing.

6. Central Park New York

One of the only few green islands that are again located in Manhattan. That is one of the most famous parks in the world which is a wonderful place where millions of residents of the metropolis come here every day to rest. Here in these parks people are sitting on the grass, enjoy the jog, also admire the lakes and swimming ducks. There is also a well-equipped playground for the children to play.

5. Grand Canyon

This canyon was located in northern Arizona and it was also considered to be one of the greatest tourist attractions in the whole of the united states. What I will say that it is really that great canyon looks like a nature miracle, Which is breathtaking even for the most experienced travelers. It was located in Arizona and it is one of the most unusual geological objects on the earth. Tourist is most attracted to the opportunity to stand on a glass platform from the above of this canyon.

4. Times Square

If Manhattan is known as the heart of new york then times square is also known as the heart of Manhattan itself. This square is an incredibly popular and lively place where crowds of people flock. This place is also known as a “crossroads of the worlds” and the “Great white way” there are lots of shops with bright advertisements and times square will never sleep.

3. Niagara Falls

You can not talk about the power and beauty of this most beautiful waterfall in the whole world from time to time but this sight was itself cannot be replaced with anything. There are several ways to admire this Niagara falls from a helicopter, a tunnel under powerful jets of the waters, of course from the coast, and a from of different sides. In any case, it was incredibly beautiful and also very noisy.

2. Manhattan

The historic center of New york. Most famous and the heart, prestigious, expensive, noisy area of the city. There is an incredible number of people in shopping centers, cars, and office complexes. Manhattan has repeatedly become the “hero” of Hollywood movies, the scene of romantic, thrillers, and comedies.

1. Statue of Liberty

This is a strict lady with a burning torch and a tablet is not only a symbol of New York but of the whole of America. Which is created by France, This statue of liberty was perfectly “took root” on this island near Manhattan. Against its background, all of the tourists are photographed without traditionally, an exception that is becoming a pose that is famous all over the world with an outstretched arm. Therefore the statue of liberty is one of the Top Tourist Attractions in the USA.

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