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Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Australia

The territory of Australia was occupied by a whole continent. So the main attraction of the country is natural objects. Australia has several national parks that are reserved with developed tourist infrastructure. We should also note the Australian Beaches, that attract are not lovers of surfer’s waves but also connoisseurs of exquisite resorts or lovers of a relaxing beach holiday. Here is an overview of the Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Australia.

Cities are famous for their modern architecture and it was appreciated not only by the Australians but also by the UNESCO world organization, That is including a number of objects in Melbourne and Sydney on its list. There are also an ancient centuries-old building and all of them are used for modern needs. Cultural life was represented by a war memorial, museums, and art galleries.

15. Great Ocean Road

This road was considered a tourist attraction as it was passed through Australia’s iconic spots. Traveling along this road, you can visit the unusual coast of shipwrecks, Lok Ard range, the cliffs of the Twelve Apostles, and a Port Campbell National park. The length of this road was is 245km. Some of these sites are to be considered very dangerous. There is also a 110km long hiking trail that has been also laid along the road.

14. Kuranda Scenic Railway

It was considered one of the most dangerous railways in the whole world. Basically, the 38 km railway line was used by a tourist to get a dose of adrenaline. The train of the path passed through the fragile-looking bridges through the deep gorge. But the window view was justifying the risk of the road is a laid-off through the rainforest and past several picturesque waterfalls. There was an opportunity to admire exotic plants and mountain peaks.

13. Surfers Paradise Beach (Gold Coast)

The capital of beach holidays was on the Gold coast of Australia. The surfer’s paradise beach is sometimes called an Australian Miami Beach. Here is also the country’s highest skyscrapers with an observation deck at an altitude of 250 meters. The name of this beach was itself implies that is a great palace for surfer’s huge waves and warm waters. In addition to these the surfers paradise has a title of an exquisite resort with a possibility of shopping directly on this beach.

12. Phillip Island Penguin Parade

One of Australia’s unusual excursions was looks like a show starring small penguins. This will happens on the sunset day penguins in the formation leave to their ocean and go to their homes. All of the day penguins will spend in the ocean collecting food. Confronting a common danger that makes them unite in the organized groups a large gull of prefer to attack the loners. There are several Penguins group marches for an hour.

11. Cape Byron

This cape was opened in 1769 by a navigator James Cook. The name of this Byron was received in the honor of the world traveler John Byron. In 1900 there is a lighthouse was erected on this cape. It was only an active lighthouse of the Queen Victoria era. In addition to these practical benefits, the snow of the white lighthouse was an adornment of this area and gives it a romance and at the top of this lighthouse there was has an observation deck.

10. Kangaroo

Kangaroo was a living symbol of Australia. This was an amazing animal placed on the coat of arms of this country and some coins. This was because besides this continent of Kangaroo was do not live anywhere. The number of these animals was in Australia that is exceeds the number of people. Traffic signs are being installed on this country’s roads warning that the Kangaroo maybe interferes with the movement. Those were not favorites only among the Australians but throughout the world.

9. Royal Gorge/Royal Canyon

The length of this canyon was exceeded to 2km at the height of its walls that reach 320 meters. Two hiking trails were passed along the canyon. It was easier to pass a trail along to the bottom of a canyon, Walking on it will take you an hour. The second leading to the top of the canyon is more complicated and takes about 4-5 hours. However, the tourist will say that the amazing view from the top of worth the effort.

8. Tasmania

Tourists will call this place an ideal for relaxation of Picturesque landscapes, mild climate, unique flora, and fauna. The relief of this island will allow you to engage in water, beach, and mountain tourism. Many inhabitants of Tasmania are be found here only and relict plant species are growing in the evergreen forests. Therefore, The fifth part of these islands was occupied by a natural park and nature reserve, A visit to which is available to visitors.

7. Fraser Island

This sandy Fraser Island with a length of 130km and its width ranges from 7 to 24 km. The dunes that are make up the island formed about 400 thousand years ago and their height can be 250 meters. There are about 45 water lakes are on these islands. The largest of them has also size of more than 210 ha. The nature of these islands was incredibly diverse with hundreds of kilometer white sandy beaches, equatorial forests, swamps, and mangroves. The island was a UNESCO World Heritage site.

6. Twelve Apostles

Limestone cliffs are on the ocean coast. It was located in Port Campbell State Park Victoria. There are 8 standing close to each other rocks. In the height of some reach up to 48 meters. Helicopter rides are popular with tourists in this area. Hiking trails are to be laid through the park of rocks, where you can watch them from a steep cliff. This Twelve Apostle was looking especially beautiful against the background of this ocean in the rays of the setting sun.

5. Blue Mountains National Park

A scenic spot of a national park was located near Sydney. Eucalyptus and ferns grow were grow in this park. A feature of mountains was in the color of their peaks. The drops of eucalyptus oil cover the leaves of plants and in sunlight, it will seem that to the tops of mountains. Which are covered with a bluish haze. On this territory, there are several viewing platforms with an excellent view. The blue mountains are very popular with mountain bike lovers and climbers.

4. Wave Rock

The rock formation was amazingly shaped. It looked like a giant ocean wave in the middle of the land. About 2 Million tourists will come here annually to witness this natural wonder. A small retaining wall has been built to protect the rock against collapse. According to the scientist, this form of rock was received about 61 million years ago. Every year there is an underground music festival was held in this place.

3. Uluru/Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock was a natural tourist attraction in the middle of the desert, which is protected by UNESCO. There are about 1.5 million people visit it annually. It was a brown-orange rock. Its peculiarity the ability to change its color depending on the lighting. At dawn, the color of rock has become purple hue, and during the day hue became alternately red, pink, gold and purple. The height of this mountain was about 350 meters and the width is 3.8 km.

2. Great Barrier Reef

It was an incredible natural phenomenon. The natural complex was consisting of almost thousands of islands and four thousand coral reefs are visible even from the space that covers an area of 350 km², from the shores of islands, which species are discovered that you will not find anywhere else in the whole world. The scuba diving enthusiasts have also long appreciated the beauty of this place, but remember that during the corals, diving should not be touched because of their fragility.

1. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House was built over 15 years on the shores of Port Jackson Bay. It was flying over silhouette seems to soar above the water surface. Due to unusual architectural forms, similar to sails and the theater that was also included in the UNESCO conservation list. The theaters complex was consists of several halls, the largest of the seats that include 2600 spectators, and 5 performances can we go simultaneously. The theater was also a house of restaurants, bars, and souvenirs. Sydney Opera House is also one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Australia.

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